Sent in by Joe M

I've been monitoring the postings on this site for about a week now and I've noticed that atheist's have fell in the same trap I fell in years ago after letting my atheism be known.

All atheist need to keep in mind that there is no evidence nor arguments for god's existence. All arguments that I've ever seen fall under the "god of the gaps" category. That is, if someone doesn't understand something or some cause they fill in that "gap" in man's knowledge with "god did it"!!!

Keep in mind that just because there's no apparent explanation for something, in no way proves anything about the existence of a deity.

When someone claims evidence for the existence of a deity, don't accept the "god must have done it" explanation. It explains nothing except a gap in man's knowledge at the time. For example, our primitive ancestors couldn't understand thunder and lightning, so they come up with "god did it." Now, no one believes that a god is the cause of lightning and thunder because that "gap" in man's knowledge has been filled with current, testable data from science.

In the future, demand evidence specific to the claim. Don't let them get started on the "how could this be possible" band wagon.

You'll be amazed at how soon they (believers) will find someone else to argue with that will accept their questions that are not relevant.

Try it and you'll see. Thanks for your time in reading my comment/suggestion.

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