Why religion and public schools should be separate

By SailerFraud

The Christian fundamentalists try to impose their religion in public schools. When they are informed there is a diverse student population filled with other religions, the neo-Christians claim there is discrimination because public schools won't impose their religion as the sole standard.

Sometimes it takes an outside reference point to get out of one's shortsightedness. Suppose a religious nut claims to have communal powers with the Greek mythological god Zeus. He fervently fights for his Greek Gods (Zeus, Hercules, Aphrodite, Hermes, etc...) to be recognized as the standard religion in public schools and courtrooms. He does not want his Greek gods to be taught as fiction or mythology; he wants them to be recognized as alive and the truth.

Naturally, you the taxpaying citizen get defensive. You ask him to prove that the Greek gods are real and not fiction. He claims to have meet the Greek gods in his dreams and has communal powers with them. He points out that there are ancient artifacts showing they existed.

You the logical citizen say those artifacts are a thing of the past and does not prove those Greek gods are alive. Yet, he gets more defensive and says he felt their presence.

Now, let's examine the Christian wingnut who wants his religion to be imposed in our public school system and courtrooms. He says he has communal powers with God and Jesus. He says there are ancient artifacts 2000 years ago.

However, those outside of this Christian bubble keep affirming that he is a lunatic zealot and needs to be in a mental asylum. Now do you Christians see why we look at you very peculiar when you impose your religion with your irrational arguments?

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