It's just pure nonsense

By Bill J:

Despite all the claims of healing people make in church, I never saw anyone's arm regrow because god healed them.

I was at a Vineyard Christian Fellowship church in California where this guy named Paul Cain was prophesying and calling people out of the audience. He supposedly revealed things about them that god told him. Years later I found out that he is a chronic alcoholic and closet homosexual.

I just don't get it. Every week there is a new charge against a religious leader in the news somewhere in this country. I'm tired of Christians telling me that you have to look at Jesus and not at man. Well, isn't man supposed to change when they find Jesus?

Where's the proof. People are always claiming they spoke to god and he/she answered them, but no two people can agree on what god said. I'm shocked that religious people can't see this. What's up with that?

I don't go to church because I fail to see proof of the existence of god in church. People of other religions, faiths and philosophies claim they know the truth. They all point to their own interpretation of truth.

It's just pure nonsense. People need to put church and religion aside and think for themselves. They need to take care of this planet and care for one another because it is the only rational thing to do. People need to stop killing each other in the name of god. They need to stop looking down at others who don't worship like they do or believe just the rights thoughts in their head like they do.

People are willing to live and die for many things. That willingness hardly qualifies as evidence that god exists.

What is faith? Is it believing in just the right things so you can go to heaven? What about those who don’t believe in just the right doctrines or theologies? In the Christian realm there are hundreds of different points of view regarding salvation, spirituality, eschatology and so on. How do you know that what you believe will unlock the truth for you?

If you stop and challenge yourself, you might find out that believing in your believe is just that. It is a series of thoughts based on something somebody else told you was true. It is a feeling you interpret as truth for yourself. It is the same feeling millions of others interpret as truth for themselves.

Leonard Pitts wrote, "Forget what you want to believe. Seek the truth and have the courage to believe that."

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