What We Need More Of Is Science

The official video for the song "What We Need More of Is Science" by MC Hawking from the album "A Brief History of Rhyme."
Once again, the world is made safe for the pursuits of reason and logic thanks to the unique powers and skills possessed by M.C. Hawking.


Anonymous said...

Remember, Science has done much that fundies never could.

After all, fundies only talk about the end of the world.

Science has made it possible.

webmdave said...

Science has made it possible, but Bible-God promises it! Bible-God has ordained the entire world to be destroyed in a horrific judgment followed by merciless torture of untold billions of human beings in HIS fiery pit of everlasting anger and wrath!

And, anyway. Since you are constantly posting this, Goldie, who do you think financed the development of atomic bombs and energy? Atheists? No. Christian American politicians. Just keep that in mind. Christians brought together the scientists who developed our modern doomsday weapons, and Christians ordered those weapons to be used. And now Islamics lust for those weapons, and will undoubtedly use them at some point. Christians don't just talk about the end of the world, they lust after it.

Yes, the death-loving cults of monotheism will be the destruction of humanity, if they continue down the present path unchecked. Thanks for highlighting that for us.

Anonymous said...

james said : "After all, fundies only talk about the end of the world.

Science has made it possible."

You filthy hypocrite - look to your own bible, the book of death, to see how many people have been butchered and murdered in the name of your made up god.

Wake up from the cult before you people do destroy everything chasing a delusion.

Spirula said...

And let's not forget, the massive Christian outrage at the use of incendiary bombing of Tokoyo and Dresden (almost exclusively civilians), as well as the use by a "Christian" nation (the only country to ever do so) of atomic weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (again, almost all casualties were civilian).

Oh, that's right. There wasn't any outrage. Those casualties may not have been soldiers, but apparently they deserved it for living in the country of an enemy state.

(Does "Goldie", publishing the same thing over and over, actually think that accomplishes anything?)

Anonymous said...

Just who the hell is this "goldie"? Someone calling himself "Lev" posted the same thing at "Religion and Public Schools" a ways below this. I gave him what I thought was a thorough answer but he's here again? Aw, leeme talk to him......

Goldie? Such a pretty name. You must be a really nice boy. Not too bright, but nice, ya know? I would like to have you over for dinner. I like my christians medium-rare with just a little sprinkle of garlic. A good bordeaux works really well. Ah, goldie, just the thought of your tender flesh makes me slobber.

Seriously, though, darling, I hope you will find me interesting. I was raised an atheist, and I am just now beginning to learn about your kind. It is like discovering that I am surrounded by freaks from another planet. I find your kind VERY interesting.

You have received some good posts, in addition to both of mine. Spirula had a really good post. Did you know, sweetness, that when Dresden was fire-bombed, the city was celebrating a national children's holiday? Thousands of children were in from the countryside. Did you know that gale-velocity winds rushed in to feed the flames, the asphalt in the streets turned to liquid, and people cooked like hamburger in the bombshelters. Now, sugarlips, go and find out about the god-fearing people who were behind all this. Go and find out, and go and be damned.

Hope to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

I'm really tired of you people mocking me.

I find myself growing very impatient.

Anonymous said...

Dear JC,

I'm getting tired of people who try to pose as God. If God does exist, he's not some firebreathing giant who will burn people forever
just because they didn't dot their eyes or "cross" their t's by accepting the "true god".

(Now in kindness and compassion)
Dear friend, do you really want to believe in a God who'll torture you forever if you don't follow every rule of his to the letter?

Anonymous said...

JC: "I'm really tired of you people mocking me.

I find myself growing very impatient. "

Are you the same god that created the universe in just six days? And yet you grow tired of us wicked beings mocking you? Sounds like you are an emotional psychopath.

"I find myself growing very impatient."

You promised you would come back 2000 years ago, what are you waiting for?

Anonymous said...

I will come like a thief in the night.

I will come back when it is least expected.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ wrote:
"I will come back when it is least expected"

Oh Hiya Jesus,

Good thing then that I'm MOST expecting you, that way you can't come back yet.
I even put out my special doormat that say's 'jesus is expected real soon'.

So jesus, is there anything else I can do here to keep you far off our godless earth?

ATF (who knows jesus said this 2000 years ago and many times since then via human mouths, so he won't be showing up, at all)

boomSLANG said...

JC: I will come like a thief in the night.

Aren't "thieves" sinners? Oooo... tsk, tsk. Bad boy.

JC: I will come back when it is least expected.

Yeah?...well just make sure you bring two forms of picture ID, Livernutz. Oh, wait, you're invisible. Okay, so you'll be shape-shifting into a smoldering Azalea?.... or a domestic ass?

Anonymous said...

jesus? Hi, just thought we could talk. I thought you were a gag, but I am starting to take you for real.

Listen, you do not scare us. Put away your beads and rattles. Do not come in here to dance and chant. You do not frighten us with your puppet show; with your masks and robes and costumes. Go away jesus, or whoever you are. You are probably a high school kid who needs a date.

Look honey, I am too old for you, but I know a few nice girls. Really--no shit really--I can help take your mind off this fantasy trip you seem to be on.

Anonymous said...

This is a reminder that everyone is to show up at my house of worship tomorrow morning (Sunda) so they can sing praises to my name.

Most of all, don't forget to give me your 10 percent. I cannot accomplish my will without your hard earned money.

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to spell the word "Sunday" correctly.

It's been 2,000 years. Give me a break people. I'm getting old.

Plus the older I get, the more my patience wears thinner with you sinners.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ wrote:
"This is a reminder that everyone is to show up at my house of worship tomorrow morning (Sunda) so they can sing praises to my name"

I didn't know you were offering free ice cream sundae's.
Why didn't you say so in the first place.

Umm, I'm not so sure I can sing praises while eating my sundae at the same time, does that matter to his hole-in-da-knees, err, holiness?

p.s. Please hold the nuts, as I'm sure they'll be plenty nuts present in your church service.

ATF (Aka Curious Worshipper-- who loves his sundae's and sunday's, without nuts present)

Anonymous said...

Your 10 percent tithe is what will cover the cost of your Sundae.

That's how it works.

Plus it is the way we do a real "Lord's Supper".

Then we go out of pizza and beer after that.

I've been having christians follow the dark ages for too long. I decided that it's time to start doing things the more modern way.


Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ said...
"Your 10 percent tithe is what will cover the cost of your Sundae.
That's how it works"
Jesus, I have some questions about this, if you don't mind.

1. Why do we have to fork over our hard earned FOOD money to you.
Aren't you suppose to be super powerful?
So why can't you print/create your own money and/or pretty gold bricks and skip the collection plate skullduggery?

2. Aren't your afraid you might get sent to the flames of hell by your Pops, for posting on a heathen website?

3. Did Adam and Eve have to attend church on *Sundae* to, cause I really have better things to do today than head on over to your fine brain-washed, errrrr, white-washed church building.


freethinker05 said...

Dear JC, If you come for me, while i'm making WHOOPIE, could you atleast give me time to get a nut?; Hell, you have been, (supposedly) watching me since I was born, so, pleeze, Jesus, grant me a nut. Thanks

Anonymous said...


You have to understand that I can't completely change the rules.

Plus I am over 2,000 years old, and I don't have the power I once did. Satan has whipped me pretty good as you can tell over the years. I am no longer able to control him, so he has gained quiet a bit of strength over the years. That's why I have been so unfair to all of you.

Plus I need money which gives me power. That's why I need these churches to pass around the collection plates.

I can no longer build my own temple so I have to have these preachers in these churches do it for me.

Plus my pop is me. Remember, I am the "Alpha", "Omega", and a "Has Been".

But please, do not forget that I am God/Jesus no matter what.

It is important that you remember who I am, even though I am becoming less and less powerful all of the time.

As for "Freethinker05", I have no nuts to give, because I lost my own nuts a long time ago.

Sorry that I failed all of you. But I am still God/Jesus. That's what is important.

Maybe if my followers will obey me more, and worship me I will gain my strength back.

Anonymous said...

jesus? Hi darling. Sorry if I was such a smartass.

Listen, babe........I know that things must have been rough; I do not doubt that Satan kicked your ass to the curb many times. But honey.......you and your pop have sat back for quite a while and watched in obvious unconcern as the innocent suffered. We are not talking about the jerks who had it coming. We are talking about the pain of the innocent. A righteous god/trinity could not sit by and watch the innocent suffer. Yes, I mean "could not".

You insist that you still retain some of your divinity. Fine. Maybe you can find a Unitarian who would take you in. And about your last paragraph: no, we are not looking for someone to obey. Obedience to gods and men has been our downfall in the past. If you want to make a comeback, maybe you could tour with the Dalai Lama.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesus,

You're doing a lousy job managing the weather these days. I thought we were suppose to trust you in everything, and let you have control in all areas of life.

Well I did put you in charge of watering my flowers and garden this year and they all died, because you didn't provide any rain.

You need to do a better job controlling the temperatures down here where I live. It's still in the 80's and it's already October.

Your "Internal" clock must be off, so I thought I would let you know that the Summer is over, and it's time to bring Fall like temps. down this way. Get your shit together dude, and stop screwing up the weather.

Of course, I'm not surprised really considering that you are an asshole with a "Self-centered" Agenda.

Church attendance must be down, and you must be behind on your finances from a lack of money being put in the offering plate on Sunday. Plus there probably aren't enough people getting down on their knees on a daily basis kissing your ass for you.

I guess that's why you've done such a lousy job managing this world overall. Your ass needs to be fired.

You suck Big Ones Jesus!

Anonymous said...

Poltergoost wrote to Jesus:
"Well I did put you in charge of watering my flowers and garden this year and they all died,"

Did you save your dead flowers?
I bet you did.

Not to worry then, I'm sure they all went to 'flower heaven', cause thats where 'saved' flowers go when they die.

How do I know, you ask.
The same way saved xtians know they'll go to people heaven, thats how.


Anonymous said...

Hey ATF,

Yes, by faith we know that our flowers go to heaven.

We all know that "Faith" means fact.

I guess Jesus is also enjoying eating the tomatoes out of my garden since my tomato plants died and also went to heaven.

Anonymous said...

Poltergoost wrote to ATF:
"I guess Jesus is also enjoying eating the tomatoes out of my garden since my tomato plants died and also went to heaven"
Well, it seems this jesus will take anything that is 'ripe for the picking', tomato or xtian, it matters not.

Now, if we assume he's eating the ripe [dead] tomato's he took, what should we assume about the fundies he'll take during that rapture event they keep hoping for?

Can anyone say..."Soylent Green"


ps For anyone who didn't understand, see this

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