Stop looking at imperfect people; look at 'GOD' instead

Sent in by Laughing Buddha

I am sick and tired of one of the most worn-out arguments that Xtians use when they are dealing with people who don't believe anymore:
Stop looking at imperfect people; look at 'GOD' instead.

Guess what, people? I don't want to stop looking at people. Your Bible says you are supposed to be 'salt' and 'light' in the world. Your Bible says you are supposed to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Your Bible says you are to love your enemies and turn the other cheek.

In short, it's not my fault that there are all these commands in your Bible that your people can't follow. You are supposed to be, in every area of your life, what Jayzus commands. You are supposed to be the ones demonstrating for the rest of the world what 'life in Christ-almighty' is supposed to be like. You are supposed to be showing the world what a little taste of the 'kingdom of god' is all about. Don't, please, for pity sake, cry to me that 'people are imperfect.'

Straight up, no need for grease, you are all liars. You told us that some ghostie was dwelling in us and making it possible for us to live a supernatural life you claim is available to us. When did I ever, EVER attend a church where there wasn't freaking drama and bullshit to wade through, up to my god-damned knees?
Well, sniff, sniff... the Bible says the early church had problems too...

Whoop-dee-f%#*ing-doo... Now you're blaming the apostles, who obviously couldn't keep shit straight either? You know who I blame for acting like a religious asshole all the years that I did? ME. That's who.

I don't blame anyone else... I swallowed the Xtian bullshit line and I rammed it down everyone else's throats, too. I marginalized and rejected people who lived differently than I, all because I had deluded myself into thinking that I was living differently than them. What a crock.

From now on, NO, I won't stop looking at the clowns who populate your little brainwashed zoo in the name of your Jayzus. When you can finally show love without condemnation, trust without conditions or sideways glances, and faith without ridiculous set-in-concrete dogmas, then I will leave you alone. Till then, your sorry asses are on display for the whole world to see, and no pope or pastor is gonna explain away the fact that millions of people are fed up with your hypocrisy.

Where has your god-da-fodder, Jayzus H. Chrysanthemum and the ghostie 'trinity' been? I know one thing for sure... REAL friends don't let friends get their asses kicked without jumping in, and TRUE friends wouldn't let you be such fake liars without calling you on it. Maybe Jaysuz did to you what you did to us... turned around and walked away. Maybe, just maybe... I'm more of a friend to you than your Jayzus is... at least I'm sticking around and telling you the truth.

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