Drink, Drank, Drunk

By Stronger Now

I find myself thinking of all the questions I had when I was a Xtian about the stuff I read in the Bible. One that always stuck out with me was weather or not wine was a bad thing or a good thing. It was explained to me that anything that is done in excess is bad. It was also explained that the alcohol in the wine was toxic and that made it bad. I was told that wine at small doses was okay, but one should never drink to excess. I was told a great many things but never how a Christian can even get drunk.

Stupid question right? Read on.

Now, as any good health professional and scientist knows, ethanol is a toxic substance. It is a CNS depressant that can cause decreased motor function and, in high quantities, coma and death. This seems to be the Xtian viewpoint as well as the added "spiritual toxicity" that is also present.

Most people that consume alcohol do so at levels well under the lethal level. It is a bone of contention between some Xtian denominations weather or not any alcohol consumption should be tolerated. Which again brings me to ask why all the fuss? A True Christian cannot get drunk anyway right?

Think I made that bit up? It's in there.

Look at Mark 16:18.

It only stands to reason that

1) Alcohol is a toxic substance.

2) True Christians are immune to the harmful effects of ANY toxic substance.

3) Inebriation at any level, is a toxic effect of alcohol consumption, therefore a True Christian cannot get drunk no matter how much wine they drink.

Of course this is not true. It would only take a couple of glasses of wine to show a true Christian how untrue it is. But then it would only show the true Christian that he or she isn’t really a true Christian. In other words, why the buzz? Or, she or he could go for option #2 and be a true Christian that knows that the bible isn't true.

So tell me Christians, do you trust your faith, your bible, or science?

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