Athenova, Freedoma or Freemas?

By Bob P

America loves to invent holidays in recognition of great ideas and achievements. We have at least one official holiday for nearly every occasion and dedicated to nearly every group — except atheists. At 13-14% of the population, atheist Americans number between 30-50 million, making them perhaps the largest of any single identifiable minority. Atheists comprise a larger portion of the U.S. population than Blacks, Jews, or Gays, yet because of the social stigma cast by religion, atheists are largely invisible. Or worse, they are demonized and marginalized by buybull thumping Christians who equate atheism with immorality.

Such fallacy! Many, if not most of the great scientists were/are atheists or at least, deists, rejecting a personal god.

Where is the Atheist day of recognition?

Perhaps change is in the wind. There are at least five new books on atheism, some of which have made the bestseller list. Atheism has been a recent topic on several of the major television networks. There are many famous atheists who could be symbols for our day, including Einstein, Watson and Crick. Thomas Edison said that religion is all bunk. (Would a light bulb with the caption, "I see the light," be the atheist holiday symbol?) The Internet now has many freethought sites and blogs. Perhaps we could share an event, like, say Groundhog Day. When Puxatawny Phil fails to see his shadow, atheists could fail to see the big, white-bearded guy in the sky. Another thought is to pick the longest day of the year, June 21-22, in direct contrast to the shortest day of the year, December 25 when early deities, including Jesus and Mithras, were said to be born, symbolically ushering in Spring and new life. By celebrating the longest, and presumably hottest day of the year, atheists would represent the approaching of winter and the symbolic escape from religion's hell, fire and brimstone.

But an atheist holiday could have several obvious advantages in addition to recognizing famous scientists:
  1. No obligatory presents to buy. (There are some good atheist T-shirts and Darwin fish, however, in case you do)
  2. No resulting traffic jams, and likely no snow and ice.
  3. No productive work lost.
  4. No need to buy a $4.00 greeting card emblazoned with some inane statement that no one really reads anyway.
  5. No need to deceive children that a fat bearded guy in a red suit is going to give them something, only if they've been good.
  6. No exhaustive planning required.
  7. Billy Joel's music is optional. (No, not Kate Smith singing 'Gawd bless America'.)
  8. No guilt from believing ridiculous fairy tales that the faithful are expected to honor and believe, even for those many so called 'believers' who actually know better but cannot say.
  9. The knowledge that some of us, at least, have overcome the mental bondage and self imposed guilt of religion.
  10. All this can be achieved without a credit card.
All we need now is a name for this holiday... Anyone have any good ideas? Athenova? Freedoma? Freemas? Lets have some suggestions, OK?

Happy belated Atheist Day! May the force be yours, entirely.

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TastyPaper said...

I really like Athenova! It sounds like Excelsior!

Joe B said... just sent me a note to let me know that the official Talk Like a Pirate day is coming up on 19 September. Who knew?!

Me, I'll just celebrate sleeping in late on average Saturdays and celebrating the fact that I get 52 of a year.

Anonymous said...

how about Humanova?

Anonymous said...

How about "Free to Think for Youself Day"

Anonymous said...

OK, like someone once said, "If you have a good idea, odds are five other people had it first."

There already is a Freethought Day, October 12. It's the anniversary of the effective end of the Salem Witch Trials.

eel_shepherd said...

How about One Life Day.

Bob said...

I like 'Humanova' and 'One Life Day'. Freethought day is one thing but I'm proposing an atheist day. Many Christers don't understand that freethinking is atheism without actually using the word.

Steven Bently said...

We need an Atheist flag, like a cross with Jesus inverted sticking out of a trash can with no more BS across the front.

RubyHypatia said...

Atheist Day? I'm an Agnostic so how about Freedom from Religion Day?

A word about Christmas. My atheist mother made sure each year we had a Christmas tree, gifts, and such. Remember, Christians ripped off the holiday from Pagans. So Christians don't own Christmas, and we are all free to celebrate it however we wish.

Anonymous said...

I like "Religion Free Day" but I live in the south and couldn't celebrate it if we had one. :0)

Jim Earl

Anonymous said...

How about Darwins' Day? It's sometime in Feb.

Anonymous said...

How about "Rationalia", the rational saturnalia?

RubyHypatia said...

LOL Me too, Jim Earl, no celebrating in the Bible Belt.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you people.

Jesus loves you, and wants to be a part of your lives. He won't let you leave him. He will always chase after you.

Astreja said...

(realizes that PtbaC's Jesus is a stalker)

(applies for restraining order)

(is informed that process server was unable to locate the respondent to serve the order)

More on topic... "Rationalia" is a good'un. I'll drink (and eat and otherwise make merry) to that.

Anonymous said...

Proud to be a christian wrote:
"He won't let you leave him. He will always chase after you"
I keep looking in back of me to see if god is "chasing" me, but he keeps forgetting to make himself visible to my mere mortal eye's.

Either that, or he looks just like the angry growling dog that used to chase me as a kid, while riding my bike?
Hmmm, I don't recall now if the bible say's god has two legs, or FOUR?

The video on your link did NOTHING for me. I guess it's a case of 'you had to be there' to enjoy it.
In this case, 'be there' doesn't mean physically, but instead in a more mental delusion of faith in the impossible.

Now, will someone please call the God Catcher...errr....doG Catcher, to get this god-dog off my heels....thanks


Anonymous said...

Jesus loves you but, if you do not believe in him, he will graciously send you to hell!

What precious love? Thanks PTBAC

Unknown said...

I'm an atheist, but I don't think that there should be an Atheist Day. I think that the aforementioned Freethought Day and Darwin Day are good enough, as holidays go. I'm more for an Atheist History Month, like Black History Month and all. That would let people know more about us and our acheivements more than just give atheists a day to celebrate. And what kind of "celebration" is the day you mentioned? It seems like a downer to me. You gotta work? You don't get presents? Sounds like every "non-holiday" is an "Atheist Day". After all, Atheists just lack belief, and normal days just lack anything special to celebrate. If that's the case, we already have about 350 days like that.

Another reason I'm against a specific day (or some symbol, for that matter) is that is that it will further drive a wedge between people, and I don't just mean between religious people and atheists. I'm sure that many atheists (including probably me) wouldn't be interested in celebrating the day, and thus wouldn't play as "active" a role in atheism as my atheist friends. And a symbol is a bad idea. Atheists are not unified because we have a symbol, but because we lack a symbol. Any symbol made for atheists, no matter how good the intentions, will be disliked by some other atheists. I personally don't think that anyone else's symbol should be accepted by me just because we share the lack of a belief. Only I can pick the symbol that's right for me. I don't pretend that others can push theirs on me, or that I can push mine on others.

And yeah, I, too celebrate Christmas. It's a heck of a lot more fun than the "no presents" day featured here. And like "rubyhypatia" said, it's not even originally Christian. I'm sure that people all over, for many reasons, felt down because of the cold, dark days and wanted to cheer up a bit. And I might as well celebrate my own atheistic holiday while I have some time off from work (although I had to work the past 2 Christmases)!

Anyway, no offence. Just my opinion. But I'm sure there's some free month for Atheist History Month, which I'd like to see someday.

freethinker05 said...

Ricky, (don't loose that number), Atheist Month sounds like a great idea. Roger A/A

Unknown said...

Thanks, Roger.

Anonymous said...


"I can't believe you people.

Jesus loves you, and wants to be a part of your lives. He won't let you leave him. He will always chase after you".

I watched your video PTBAC. When did Jesus get a haircut and a his beard trimmed?

The video did nothing for me also. It nearly put me to sleep if anything. It was actually quiet stupid, and the people in the video acted like a bunch of retards. However, I shouldn't be surprised considering that most christians are a bunch of retards anyway.

I remember watching those same type of "Feel Good, Jesus Loves You" type dramas in my church back before I left the faith. It is nothing more than pure "Christian Manipulation and Propaganda".

Don't know if any of you read the comments that were posted on that video link. I can't get over just how "Out of Touch" these people are who posted comments on that video link. These people are idiots.

Try posting something negative on there. I tried posting something myself, and guess what? Apparently my comment did not get approved. Geeeez......I wonder why? LOL!

No, they don't want any comment on their precious little "Jesus Site" that speaks against what they believe, which proves just how biased and one sided most christians are with their opinions.

Christians believe in "Censorship", and they hate "Freedom Of Speech", Christians hate "Freedom" period. They believe in enslaving everyone under a "Christian Dictatorship".

Christians get the words "Freedom" mixed up with "Bondage".

These christ loving idiots are the one's who are enslaved to their false beliefs about their precious little jesus.

"Jesus: I love you unconditionally, but if you don't accept me and follow me, you will go to hell. I am "The Great Manipulator", and you people better accept me, and do what I say or you will burn for eternity".

I just can't believe that some people are stupid enough to believe that God/Jesus is loving. Christianity certainly does make people stupid, that's for sure.

FREEDOM IN CHRIST = Bondage and Enslavement to a false god.


And that's a "FACT"!

Anonymous said...

I actually think the percentage of Hispanics in the US is more than 13-14%... just so you know. ;)

eel_shepherd said...

poltergoost wrote:
"...Try posting something negative on there. I tried posting something myself, and guess what? Apparently my comment did not get approved..."

Xtians will acknowledge (because they have no choice) that they behaved badly with Galileo, and in the medieval hunt for witches and other familiars of the demons. And then tell you that they, as a demographic, have changed. They haven't. They are exactly now as they have always been and always will be (today's fact to be disallowed is evolution, where in the Renaissance it was heliocentrism); the only difference is that we have a rein on their excesses. Just barely, in some quarters. If you want to see what life would be like under a born-again Xtian regime, look no further than the "Islamic republics".

With most people, you never know for sure what they'd be like when the rubber meets the road. But the people who run Xtian messageboards show themselves constantly, when they disallow any dissenting voice.

"Where books are burned, eventually people will be burned," as the feller said. The owners of today's fundamentalist/evangelical Xtianity are book-burners through and through.

Anonymous said...

You are exactly right "eel-Shepherd".

I believe christians are slowly losing the battle, and they keep on hoping that their "Jesus" will show up, and bring justice to those who oppose them.

I've had many of my former christian colleagues who have tried and tried to bring me back under their wing. None of them have been able to. One guy even met with me for a bible study a couple of times, and he finally realize that he could not bring me back into his fold.

He told me, "That he nothing else to offer me, but the truth that he believes".

He finally backed off and gave up.

If his Jesus cared so much about me, I think Jesus would've made more of an effort to make himself more known and real to me, than some christian sharing the bible and trying to renew my mind back to what I once believed.

I consider this a victory over what christians believe. I am very grateful however, that I do have a lot of knowledge about the "Bible" because it now allows me to defeat christians with their manipulation tactics.

People who have learned how to think outside of the box, who have left the faith, who have a great knowledge of the bible have learned all of the christian's manipulation tactics and how they operate. That is what makes people like us a very powerful weapon against christian beliefs.

I must say that anytime some christian quotes Bible Verses on here, I laugh. They only end up making themselves look like a fool, and they discredit their god even more.

I'm sure someone will pop up sooner or later with some type of scripture manipulation, or let me know how much Jesus loves me, or better yet, they will tell me that I am such a horrible person who is going to hell.

If not on this thread, they will show up on another one here sooner or later. They always do. Christians are very predictable, and they present no challenge to me.

Christians are losing the battle against "Reality".

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you people.
Why not? You expect us to believe you.

Jesus loves you, and wants to be a part of your lives.
I used to believe that story too. But then I grew up.

He won't let you leave him.
Sounds like a deranged stalker.

He will always chase after you.
I own a crowbar. If a horney jesus trys chasing me, I will adjust his thinking.

Nice link BTW. Lame dance routine though, and awfull music. Somehow it seems to have impressed a lot of already fanatical christards.

We are all EX Christians here. We have all already been where you are now, We ave all since escaped from the cult.

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