Understanding divine justice

By Enjjpt

Let me get this straight...

God made man perfect in His own image. Then God put the perfect man and woman in a perfect garden to live for all eternity. God put a bunch of trees in the garden and declared one off-limits. Since man was made perfect in the image of God, he would be incapable of doing anything evil or wrong, he was perfect just like God. But since God is all-knowing, he knew even before He made the off-limits tree that Man would partake of it, and thus He is guilty of setting Man up for failure. This is no different from an adult placing a tray full of cupcakes in the middle of a room full of toddlers and telling them not to eat them and then getting angry when they do. No parent would expect children who know no better to obey such a command, because they understand the nature of children.

So God, in His just and righteous anger over His creation eating the fruit off of the forbidden tree, decides that the offense is so egregious, so heinous, that it is a capital crime of the highest order and sentences Man to death for his ‘sin’. Not only does he declare they will die as a result of their monstrous crime of eating a fruit, but he curses the rest of their natural lives to miserable suffering. To top it all off, He decides that Adam and Eve’s crime was so evil that He saw fit to curse their children and children’s-children to suffering and death in perpetuity for their sin. God’s justice is not very just at all…Would you advocate the death penalty for a jay-walking? How about shoplifting a pack of gum? According to God, violating any of His rules, no matter how small, are crimes worthy of death and eternal damnation.

God’s anger grew so furious at Man that He decided to start over and take a mulligan. So God, in His infinite wisdom, decided that slowly drowning all of His beloved creation like so many ants with a garden hose would be the best method of eradication. None were spared. The elderly, the just, the wicked, the men, women, infants, toddlers, pregnant women…all of them were drowned by their all-loving God. Not even the animals escaped the wrath of God, well except for two of each species that survived, but the rest were slaughtered without quarter. Christians call Stalin, Pol Pot and Hitler evil for genocide, but God is still good and just after committing human-icide?!?

Fast-forward and the situation didn’t change much after God’s great cleansing flood do-over plan. God’s creation was still running a muck spoiling His perfect plan. So God decided that since His children were going to sin anyway, that to appease His anger many bloody sacrifices should be made to Him and that spilling of blood would make everything O.K. So for thousands of years animals had their throats slit over an altar in order to make God happy and that spilled blood forgave mankind of his ‘sin’ against his creator. This worked fine for a long time but alas, God decided that the animal sacrifices were not good enough anymore so he had to come up with a new master plan so he could forgive His creations ‘sins’ once and for all.

So God decided to make a perfect sacrifice of Himself, to Himself, to appease Himself. Brilliant! Since God’s justice for some odd reason required the spilling of blood, and according to his logic the more innocent the blood the better, God’s self sacrifice to Himself somehow appeased His anger and after that He could now be in ‘communion’ with Man. God made this sacrifice so His children would not have to suffer for an eternity burning in the everlasting torture and flames of hell, which He created in the fist place to send His children for their disobedience. Because God loved people so much He decided that he did not want to torture people forever so He took all of mankind’s sin on himself and forgave them, for free!

What a nice God he is, blood sacrifices and all. I think the flood and creation of Hell really demonstrates His 'Amazing Love'


Anonymous said...

Lets get this straight. This bullshit is all written in the bible. A majority of Americans believe that shit. Of course that majority suffered brain poisoning at the hands of parents who gave them thatv bullshit to read and sent them to Christian schools to be further poisoned in bible classes and camps.

They never learmed the art of logical thinking that would lead them to realise the bible is a book of fables and lies, not to be taken seriously and that there is no "God", no heaven, no hell, no Satan, no Jesus as described in the bibleshit.

To make matters worse, the perpetrators of these lies are sucking the hard earned money from the brainwashed suckers who follow them.

Wake up Americans and come to your senses and give up this religious bullshit and stop this poison wrecking your country.

Lance said...

Another excellent post. Thanks.

It's funny that when I make this argument the response I get is basically, "Who are you to question God?" The same answer God gave to Job.

What I tell them is that I am not questioning "god" - whoever the heck that is supposed to be - I am only questioning a book written by men.

They have got their imaginary god so tied up with their book that it looks like it is not a god they worship, but the book.

I just hope that by continuing to make arguments like this one, which show how the bible creates a very weird god, we can slowly make their belief in the book, and thus their belief in god, simply go away.

Great job attacking the bible. It is the easiest target.


Epicurienne said...

Chris, if I wasn't happily involved with someone, I'd ask you to marry me.

Telmi said...


Great post! I enjoyed reading that. Have saved it in special folder for future ref.

Anonymous said...

I'm not questioning any god, I am however questioning the SANITY of Bible's authors and followers.

Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote the bible must've ate some bad shrooms or something because this shit is just WAY out there.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right the Bible is an easy target. Especially when you dress it up so nicely as a strawman. Let me see you all have condenced over 1300 hundred pages into a few paragraph synopsis.

I don't have the time to go through these one by one, but here are a few points.

1) The Bible ays that man was created in God's image. It does not say man is perfect.

2) Eve did not eat the apple because it she was hungry. She did it because she was told that by eating it she would become like God. She was told by God that she would die if she ate the apple. God could have just killed both Adam and Eve, but then I wouldn't exist. I am glad that God showwed some mercy. Since the penalty God laid out for this sin was death, to not carry out this would be to act unjustly. Therefore God, becomes human and lays down his life, to pay the debt created by mankind.

This is extremely condenced and I don't expect to convince anyone right off, I just hope it leads someone to look into this further than it is being laid out on this board.

webmdave said...

The latest doesn't-know-how-to-type-in-a-nickname anonymous wrote: "The Bible ays that man was created in God's image. It does not say man is perfect."

So, this perfect god created imperfect people? And then he gets pissed at them for their imperfection, so he sentences not just them but billions of their future progeny to everlasting, horrific torment without the chance of parole or reform unless they stumble on to the right version of the correct religion?

What's fascinating about this obvious myth, is that I actually used to believe it.

If bible-god exists, knows everything, and is all powerful, then the entire script in Eden was carefully orchestrated by this god for his own entertainment. He has no sense of equitable justice, mercy, or love, he just does whatever he wants like a spoiled child from another dimension where superpowers are plentiful.

Your god, anony-bot, is nothing but a self-absorbed and bloodthirsty dictator, much like Hitler, Stalin and all the rest of the insane barbaric lunatics who have been hungry for ultimate authoritative power over this planet.

If Hitler (your god) offered me a comfortable position in his kingdom, with a beautiful home overlooking the furnaces of Auschwitz (hell), I'm afraid I'd have to decline and join the resistance. Good luck yucking it up with your three-headed god while most of humanity is tortured forever and ever and ever, and not even allowed to die.

Christianity is a gross religion.

freethinker05 said...

I know what you mean WM; I too believed this stuff in the bible for many years.

I often want to kick my own ass, because it took many years to wake up, knowing now that the god of the bible is bull.

Peace, Roger

Anonymous said...

Great post!

When people ask me how I could reject Christianity and the Christian god, I just look at them and think WTF...you're kidding, right? It's amazing that if you step back and look at it critically for just a second or two, you can't believe you swallowed the whole goofy story as fact. I mean, really…geez!
God, I was such a mindless robot...

Anonymous said...

Oh and "anonymous," if you read your Bible a little better you would know that there is nothing in there about Eve eating an "apple." Also, if you took the time to look further, into some of the posts here, you would see that most of us are very well read in your silly little bible book. We just don't believe it is the word of "God." You using it to prove your point only proves ours; and, AND, why don't you learn how to spell condensed. I know that was petty, but I couldn't help myself.
WM is right Christianity is a gross religion, sheesh!

AtheistToothFairy said...

Anonymous wrote:
The Bible ays that man was created in God's image

Funny thing about that word "image", in that it can pretty much mean whatever one wishes it to mean.

One could argue that god has hands, feet, sexual organs, and a mouth to talk and eat with, right?
On the other hand, one could argue that we should have the same powers as god does.
Like I said, it can mean anything, which just follows the rest of your bible, as it to can provide any meaning one wishes it to.

> Eve did not eat the apple because it she was hungry. She did it because she was told that by eating it she would become like God.

So did Eve land up just like god, powers and all?

>She was told by God that she would die if she ate the apple.

Yeah, and the snake told her she wouldn't die and guess what, she didn't die after all, so who was it that lied to Eve, hmmm
Yeah, I'm sure you'll say she died a few hundred years later.... as if she wouldn't have anyway.

> God could have just killed both Adam and Eve, but then I wouldn't exist

Yes you could still exist in fact.

All your god had to do was to kill them both and make two new people, who wouldn't eat that darn FRUIT.
Killing for god is never a problem, so tell me, why didn't he kill the first Adam and Eve and start anew, which would have been far easier then in dealing with all the human problems that followed, for your beloved god being.

No, he didn't kill them because then we wouldn't have the bible story of SIN, that you adore so much preaching about in your life

Your bible is nothing but a story Anonymous, and it's about time you grew up and realized it. You don't happen to still believe in Santa, do ya?

ATF (Who is wondering where to find this 'stain' of sin, so he can try out his new stain remover on it)

Anonymous said...

Great Post!

This shows how twisted and illogical the Christian religion really is! The punishment should fit the crime. Humans should not roast forever for saying a lie or any other finite error. Also, Bible-God created humans so that he could torment them for his own entertainment. A "perfect" and all-knowing being should have done a better job when creating human beings. This is why I call it Chsitti-Insanity!

1 Sweet Rock said...


This is a good exercise in comparative analysis. I hope folks who read it let it truly sink in for a minute.

Those are major contradictions and direct evidences that the bible and its God should NOT be considered sources of higher morality and unconditional love.

God hand crafted these horrific acts, from injustice to genocide, in the opening acts of the book! That alone should cause people to question the validity of the entire concept of the Bible.

These obvious flaws allow us to rightfully reject the religious claim that keeping faith in this rusty relic of theistic psycho babble makes us better people.
In fact, it does the opposite.

Annoy-anony said:"Therefore God, becomes human and lays down his life, to pay the debt created by mankind."

God is the original sinner, according to the psycho-bible. He authored evil. He injected sin. Therefore, this self-serving tyrant God made sure us humans would fail just so HE could come along and annihilate us all!

Real nice and loving eh?

Buy-bull God intentionally inflicted tremendous amounts of harm and kills off his creation, and you think this is a good moral story for our children? Where do you people come from?

The biblical text is clear. God indebted humanity, before we ever had a chance to decide for ourselves what we wanted.

Humans were perfect until God introduced evil into our world. God needed EVIL more than we did. God authored all of that to serve ONLY HIS desires for absolute supremacy, absolute authority, absolute power, and absolute glory.

Just like Hitler.

Psycho Bible God injected and infected the gawd damned tree and the gawd damned fruit, because he wanted evil and sin to take root. All powerful beings should not be in the business of making sin and evil for their own amusement or gains in superiority.

The evil loving bible gawd is so busy making atrocities that he seems to have forgotten to use his super powers for doing anything good and helpful.

Great thing this god is only a mythical tribal warrior and fictional cosmic slum lord. He does not need my worship, but he wants it. Or does he want it, but not need it?

This nightmare god would not be getting anything from me until it shows up and feeds these hungry babies and heals them. HE should have faith in them first. They are dying to see him, literally.


Anonymous said...

Great post!

The biggest contradiction I see in the adam and eve debacle is that god told them not to do a certain "bad thing" (eating the fruit), while telling them if they did, they would know what "bad" is. How did they know that is was bad if they were told they did not know what is bad yet. They were then held accoutable later for not knowing bad.

Its like telling an infant not to do bad when they could not comprehend what is bad. Then punishing them.

Anonymous said...
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webmdave said...

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