The Inane World of Christian Denominations

By Ray

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Reading the comments on this site continues to remind me that there is a lot of anguish out there. CHEER UP! The dilemma you find yourself in is not your fault. I'm sure you can already tell that there are enough Christian denominations in the United States to drive just about anyone nuts. Most of them are selling theologies that are totally contradictory to each other. In other words, most of them cancel each other out. What one outfit labels as "saving truth" is immediately denounced by another racket as the work of "demon possessed agents of Satan." The crap never ends. It's a consistent and predictable 24/7 religious food throwing contest.

Just remember that this has always been true in the United States with the complete freedom of religion that our Constitution affords. Needless to say, anyone looking for a religious anchor or safety net out there is going to be mentally and emotionally bombarded from all directions. Just about anyone can invent a church, with someone always succeeding to suck many into the spiderweb of religious deception. With that said, one of the first steps in getting your anti-religion "shot record" up to date is to stop reading religious books all together. Also. get rid of the religious books you have and stop watching those religious channels on television, to include all those movies out there about religion. That brings to mind that stupidass series of books and movies called the "Left Behind" series which has probably made millions for its authors.

Christopher Hitchens is right. The title of one of his recent books "God Is Not Great. How Religion Poisons Everything" is right on target. Nevertheless it is people who invented religion and blamed it on God. Finally, don't feel that you have to become an atheist during the detox process. You may end up in that position, but it is not inevitable. Finally, continue to read the testimonies etc. on this website, and you will find that people are allergic to religion in general and not just Christianity.

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