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By Glen

I have been a good observer of man. Especially the ones that hide behind the church or Christian folds at times.

If it wasn't the drunken pastor that came to our door when I was younger, it would be people like my German mother-in-law -- and many things in between.

In her case, it would be the continued hounding of her daughter (my wife) of 29 years -- don't do anything on the Sabbath -- don't lift a hammer, etc. But it was okay for this evil German mother-in-law to gossip her brains out on the Sabbath, or destroy people. This would be the same woman that would get out of German Service on Sunday morning as we were going in -- grabbing my hand while looking around -- pulling me close, and trying to give me a kiss while others were looking. How pathetic can a person be. Also in church -- one of her class-act sons would accompany such a woman. Then out on the steps of the church, this fool of sorts, would use the Lord's name in vain. It doesn't stop there. This would also be the woman who would look at the color of one's skin. If you also wore jeans to church, or had a hole in your clothes, or you loved dancing -- and on and on and on. There also wasn't going to be any blacks or Jews in the family. And all this from one, short, fat, German woman -- at 94 years old today.

Ahh, but she wasn't alone!

Others could strike up quite the idea of it all -- 'church today.' They would watch us drive up in our rusty Honda, two-door. "Could we move it up the block," they would say! It was okay next week, when we brought our fairly new Astro van -- hypocrites!

Then there were those that would try and control the pastors. (Time them on the sermons.) Vote them out because they weren't becoming part of the 'Clique.' Get rid of them because they were remarrying, and they hadn't chosen some other woman.

At this particular church, I happened to be the grounds keeper for one year. That was all you could take. These pedestal walkers -- the up and ups in this church, didn't want to get their feet wet when arriving on snow or rain days. I never did dry the ground these fools walked on. (It was a German and Church thing -- I will say no more.)

Let's not pick on one 'church of man,' shall we. (What I have seen with my own eyes.)

How about a man I know at work, that goes to our sister church -- when we went of course. This fellow was not allowed to see his children because he and his wife couldn't see eye to eye. Sadly this is a part of life, many times these days. The interesting thing about this story I am explaining, is that the wife formed the little 'Clique' in the church of over a thousand members -- and gathered who she needed to 'hoop' him. (Then 'prey' the same day, the poor woman, while she looked good at 'secular Sunday.')

Then on a warning from one of our three sons -- he would say, "Dad, you have to witness this," at a church that we had friends going to. It was one of these 'charismatic churches,' full of fools that couldn't see the truth, if it was dropped on them from a thousand feet up. Him and I watched carefully, as a dynamic woman speaker, manipulated, and mellowed out the crowd for over two hours with her false teachings, then supposedly passing out on stage. Her list of phony youth pastors, elders, and senior pastors, would raise the stakes -- going into trances, and speaking in dueling tongues, amongst other things. Those in the bleachers, as I called them, were under the influence of mass hysteria -- some writhing under the benches like snakes -- 'all' of this my boy and I having no time for. (I had written about such things.) A person would try and take hold of me -- wanting to take me to the stage. There would be no part of it! Once fools realized that we weren't being influenced, or buying into it, these idiots of the day would pass us by. I'm sure the money poured in. There has been phenomenal growth. Of course there was -- it was like going to the carnival for a candy apple. Anything goes in the church these days -- right? We have other churches blessing animals in the sanctuaries. We've seen priests, that are better molestation artists, than they are human beings -- the b______s hiding behind the 'cloth'-- or should I say, towel.

And so this goes -- I will not bore you with what else I know, or what else has been seen in the shadows. Most churches these days, are just gatherings of a band of cutthroats. And just on a biblical note (relax...please.) If there was an 'end times' -- you would see all these churches and denominations operating under the 'banner' of evil!

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