Why I Moved to Linux

By Neal Stone

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Now wait a minute Neal! This isn't a computer site, it's an Ex-Christian site for people who have left Christianity and Religion. Linux is a computer thing and has nothing to do with religion or leaving it for that matter.

Sure it does. Many people who use Linux do so because in the beginning the knew there was a better choice at their computer life. Then there are those like me who were devoted Microsoft followers for years. We would ignore the bugs and errors, because we thought it didn't matter. Microsoft was our truth and savior.

But once in a while someone, like me, sees the truth and realizes there is an alternative to following the crowd blindly. We then sit down and totally replace our Windows with Linux. We discover a true freedom that sets us apart from the rest. We find life easier to live and enjoy and discover others who have also found this truth. No more lies from the “company”, no more bugs or unexplained issues that people choose to ignore or accept as part of the great plan.

When you think about it, MS Windows is a lot like Christianity. Its expensive, requires tons of “experts” to explain, there are new versions promising a better experience and yet are riddled with the same old holes and issues as the old versions and the experience rarely is better than before, a thick manual is often needed to explain it in more detail, and if you find a problem there will be someone to explain a way around it. Not to mention the money Microsoft loses when someone chooses an alternative.

We have turned our backs on an entire industry that has decided what they think the standard is and expect everyone to follow. We have embraced a new truth where the software and the industry are in our control. We can choose and not be afraid of the repercussions.

We made that choice to boot that CDROM and tell the Linux install, zap it all and replace it completely for I want to be free and live life as I choose, not by what someone else wants me to do.

We find ourselves surrounded by Windows users who refuse to change because they just don't understand Linux and yet dealing with a system riddled with bugs and problems somehow makes sense to them.

It is no surprise that at the same time I started my journey away from Christianity was at the same time I removed Windows software from my computer and jumped head first into Linux.

Perhaps it was a driving need to be free in all areas of my life? Or maybe just a sudden realisation of how futile and ridiculous it was to keep going down the same road I have always been.

This quest for true freedom has influenced all areas of my life. Ironically, my nephew is taking the same journey in the same areas. Let's face it, freedom, TRUE FREEDOM, tastes so sweet.

So yes my friends, my move to Linux has a lot to do with this site. My goal now is to keep embracing this freedom in all aspects of my life. Live by example of how my life changes have made my life better. I HAVE TRUE FREEDOM AND IT ROCKS!!!!

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