Give Me Reason

By Neal Stone

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So here I am. My life is good, not perfect, but good. Happily married, nice home with a nice big yard, motor home, hot tub, good job. I have food in the fridge and my bills are paid. This all has come about AFTER quitting church.

My “godly” examples that surround me, friends, family and so on, are always saying I need to get in church and follow god or get right with god.

My “godly” examples are people who are always getting fired, can't pay their bills, life is a mess with divorce, dead end jobs. Let's take a closer look shall we.

Parents: Total Christian right wingers who think we all need to be in church serving the lord. My step-dad is always unemployed and is always ruining the cars he drives. He fails to pays bills and things get turned off all the time. In fact they are in the process of being foreclosed on. He is always getting laid off or fired from his job. He is rude to his neighbors and co-workers alike. It has been this way for 30 plus years.

My best friend spent more time working for a lying dishonest “Christian businessman” than taking care of his own family. He was warned by many to get out while he can but refused to listen because he was “doing the right thing”. He lost his home, possessions and sadly, his family. He suffers from depression and drinks and gets drunk and goes to church on Sundays.

He is now on the same road I was years ago. I know where it ends and I hope that I can help him off that road soon. But is deeply rooted in his religion so I doubt I can help him.

Another friend joined the military to be a Christian Chaplin. He spends his weekends drinking and getting drunk. On Sundays he goes to church.

I have another friend who is a pastors son. He works for the church and is treated poorly by the church. He always gets blamed for things that aren't his fault. On the bright side, he is a cool guy (as are my friends above) and fun to hang out with.

I have other family whose lives are a mess or a big ball of stress anyway. They too preach at me. Saying I need to be in church and follow god.

I am not passing judgment on these people. Just making a point. My life is good now. Surely someone out there can take of the Jesus glasses and really take a look at that and maybe realize the truth? Nyaaaa!

How is it that people who have messed up their lives seem to have the dire need to tell me how to live mine when they can't even manage their own?

They can keep god. I already know how that story turns out.

GIVE ME REASON! (to cross this new freedom)

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