What Would (Should) Jesus (God) Do (Have Done)?

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By James C

Jesus, being God in the Trinity and therefore all-knowing, all powerful, merciful and loving, can be called to task for questionable actions in both the Old and New Testaments.

For instance…

When he instructed Adam to not eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil… he KNEW that would be violated because he knew the future. So why didn’t he simply put a guard of cherubims and flaming sword to protect it, as he did later to keep A&E out of the Garden? Thus saving the world’s population from the guilt of original sin, in which they had no personal guilt!

And in deciding to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, he had to know that in the near future Lot’s wife would succumb to simple curiosity and that Lot himself would be guilty of drunken incestuous sex, TWICE, impregnating both of his (non-virgin) daughters. Shouldn’t he have been a bit more merciful on the wife, and less glorifying in inspiring Peter, in Peter2, to call Lot “just.” And that’s without counting the lie to the men of Sodom that his two married daughters had “not known man.”

On to the Exodus from Egypt. The all-knowing God would have been completely aware that Kings, Pharaohs, etc were pretty much dictatorships. The population did not have much to say about the “Boss’s” decisions. In spite of that, God (Jesus) kept hardening Pharaoh’s heart over and over. So the locals suffered all the plagues! But not due to the Pharaoh being stubborn. Instead, due to God’s upsetting the applecart. Not much of a score in the “merciful and loving” area! And what happened to his “all-knowingness” the night of the first Passover when all the first-born were murdered. He who could tell the difference between the cattle belonging to the Egyptians and the Israeli slaves, couldn’t tell which house was whose without a slosh of innocent lamb blood over the doorway. Wha hoppen? Cataracts???

And in Mathew, Jesus/God says that any man who looks on a woman with lust has already committed adultery and thus… OFF TO HELL WITH HIM! So, why didn’t this all-knowing, all-powerful creator of everything foresee this problem and create men who only got aroused when they wanted to have a child?

If this were a resume, would you hire him?

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