Jesus Lives in Texas!

By John W. Loftus

According to many believers Jesus has come back to earth in a man who lives in Texas. See Here. Do Christians really think that if people living in today's scientific world are so gullible to believe this crap that people were different in a superstitious age when it came to the Jesus they worship? If this can happen today, then why are we to think the same thing didn't happen in the 1st century AD? Besides, didn't God supposedly foreknow we would ask such questions as these which would lead us to doubt that the 1st century Jesus was the son of God?


Anonymous said...

Your not suggesting that Latinos are superstitious are you? Are you aware of the fact that the ancestors of many Latinos were part of the greatest civilization to ever have thrived in the Americas, before the arrival of Cortez.

The Aztecs had the perfectly logical belief that the sun God was the giver of all life, and all they had to do was keep it supplied with human blood.

The only reason we are not speaking Aztec today is they ran out of people who were willing to give their hearts to the cause, and because a whole shitload of them decided to become Catholics.

So the next time you are tempted to make fun of someone named Jesus, just remember, he might just be the reincarnation of Holy Huitzilopochtli, God of the Aztecs.

Dano (Son of Oden)

Anonymous said...

Wow, you got that all from his post? I didn't see the Latino connection, or at least I don't think that was the posters intention. Maybe I missed it.

Anonymous said...

And here I thought I was Jesus..... jesus!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! The ultimate conman. It is unfortunate but the percentage of illiteracy in the Latin American population is quite high. Also true is that Latin people (we) are quite emotional and enjoy the new and the fantastic (read Garcia Marquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude if you haven't).

It is sad that this guy is profiting from his own people's ignorance.

I feel like flying to Texas to "preach" to his followers. It almost makes me want to cry.

TastyPaper said...

I hope this man takes lots and lots of these idiot's money. This is funny as hell.

twincats said...

I feel some excerpt commentary comin' on! Sorry, I can't help myself...

"So you tell the millions of followers I have that … this guy is a liar. You know what are they going to say? Is that I prefer his lies than what religion gave me."

Gonna have to face it, you're addicted to lies!

"...he preaches the Catholic Church is evil, and his followers burn pictures of the pope and hold protests outside churches."

So, Sinead O'Connor was his prophetess?

"...eventually I'm going to find a lot of beautiful English-speaking people who will want to believe in me and I'm going to have millions of them."

Whew! I'm off the hook (English speaking, but definitely not beautiful.)

That's all I got. Again, I apologize. :}

Anonymous said...

Jamie G. wrote:
Wow, you got that all from his post? I didn't see the Latino connection, or at least I don't think that was the posters intention. Maybe I missed it.
posted: March 07, 2007   "

Jamie! I use sardonic humor to make fun of ALL religious people.

I have great empathy for those poor souls who were, and still are, tortured and murdered in the name of it.

Lack of education and superstitious belief go hand in hand.

My redneck neighbors, whose total religious persona usually consists of "God said it, I believe it, case closed," are a constant source of comedic material. They handed their brains over to the local hick preacher and went back to work.

There ain't nuthin wrong with that, except that they all become religious bigots, and many of them are just one generation away from the KKK, and witch burning.

Everything I say here on Ex Christian, I say as a memorial to those who never got a chance to live, because of a perception by their God fearing peers that they were possessed by demons, or some other stupid religious belief.

I also, don't want my grandchildren to have to grow up in a world where FAITH is the number one qualification for acceptance into the human race!

Dan (Keep your hope, but faith must go)

Spirula said...

Gee, I wonder if Rev. Moon is aware of this guy. Maybe it will require some sort of death-match to show who the real Messiah is.

Stevie P said...

Wow, an absolutlely perfect and Republican way to pay off those burdonsome student loans----sucking the lifeforce and finances out of an often poor minority by promising a better life through a personal savior: Wait, this has all been done before. I wonder where God went to university? Obviously Brown, for he must have gotten a literary degree---His book is so entertaining!

jimearl said...

lorena said:
It is sad that this guy is profiting from his own people's ignorance.

Personally, I don't see any difference from this guy and his lies or the lies that all pastors tell every Sunday. Or of the ignorance of his followers. Pick any church, anywhere, and you have the very same thing.

Anonymous said...

wow dano
Faith is not a qualification for acceptance into the human race

never heard that before.. i like it and im going to repeat it often

thanks man

Anonymous said...

Of course you realize that I am talking about the kind of faith that lets you strap on a bomb and blow yourself up in a marketplace, or fly an airplane full of innocent people into a skyscraper, because you believe you will go directly to heaven and get 72 virgins?

Dan (???)

freedy said...

At the time of Jesus there were 100's,if not thousands of men with that name,(Jesus)in the holy land.

In present day latin countries there are probably millions of men called Jesus!

I live in Texas and guys called Jesus,(Hey-zeus)...are everywhere!
*I'm sure at least 5 percent actually think they are the second coming of Christ.

mike said...

I hate to tell you all, but I seen Jesus at the mall. I think he was with Elvis.

Jamie said...

...reminds me of a line in a song that goes:

"If Jesus Christ is alive and well
Then how come John & Elvis are dead?"

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