Another Creation "Science" Museum

Is Canada joining the US in a downward spiral into scientific illiteracy?

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Anonymous said...

These creation science museums are para-church ministries and nothing else.


Anonymous said...

This simply points out to me that most science museums are only presenting the truth of science. It is because religion disagrees (and has to challenge it in order to maintain their believability) that there is any problems.

Now they come along and start creating museums specifically aimed at denying science and attempting to shore up their own beliefs. Sadly the masses (at least in the US) are ignorant of any real scientific knowledge and will openly believe what is presented in these places because they have turned off their minds and put their faith in the people that represent their idea of god.

Perhaps its time that a more direct approach be taken against religion with museums opening up specifically designed to show the delusion of religion and all the problems of holy books.

It seems like a petty thing to contemplate, but I see it as dangerous to allow drivel like creation museums, Intelligent Design science, and creationism to simply go unchallenged. It seems like we are always fighting them by their rules. It seems to me that at some time there is going to have to be a direct confrontation between science and religion. I fear that such a confrontation is not going to be pretty at all.

jane said...

Religion began thousands of years ago as a way to explain the earthly and heavenly events we could not comprehend (birth and death, weather, seasons, movement of stars, etc.) but now as it (religion) tries to maintain a grip on the public mentality it is trying to UNexplain and re-mystify that for which we now understand. Evolution is fact, our earth ~4.6 billion years old, you can worship what you like but stop trying to deny the FACTS and scare people into believing in pseudoscience.

Joe B said...

I can't help being reminded of the Jesus Camp video of the woman's diatribe against Harry Potter. Harry is a warlock, and warlocks are the enemies of god. But wait Harry Potter is a fiction, where could the two ever meet? Ah, right. In fiction.

More of the same here. Get people to think that science is fiction so that their god can fight with it.

I'm a great fan of both fiction and science. The healthy mind can see where that line is drawn.

Tim said...

they impugn science but call their idea Creation Science. idiots.


eel_shepherd said...

You know, in a way it's too bad that it's already known where this museum is going to be located. I guarantee that if a survey question had been prepared saying, "In the near future, a creationism museum is going to open up somewhere in Canada. Please make a short-list of three [3] provinces that you predict this museum will be built in, and put your short-list in sequence," and given to a random selection of a thousand Canadians, they would EASILY identify Alberta as the most likely province to house such a museum.

Maybe there's some connection between fundamentalist religion and the easy-money that comes from an oil well based economy.

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