Muslims hate atheists too

From News Bloggers:

In this Current TV video, Dr. Jason Lisle also says that "In an evolutionary world view, why should you have things like absolute morality?, Why would it be wrong to kill someone?"

It's a really weird way to put it, so why are all the Atheists of the world not running around killing people right now? My housemate is about ten feet away and I have no urge to kill him. Truth is, I think it's common courtesy not to murder people and I thought that up all by myself.

It's interesting to note that some Muslims appear to have the same thoughts about Atheism. In Richard Dawkins epic documentary "Root of all Evil?", Dawkins visits a American Muslim Yousef al-Khattab in Jerusalem. Without Morals Yousef argues that people would be "fornicating in the streets."

What do you think? Are Muslims correct? Why or why not?

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