New Ex-Christian Meetup Group in B.C.'s Lower Mainland

By Lorena

Inspired by Notabarbie's post,
I created the Lower Mainland’s Ex-Christian Meetup Group. If you live around Vancouver, B.C., or know somebody who does, join this Meetup or invite your friends.

You may join even if your location is far from Vancouver, as meetings will be organized all over the Lower Mainland, to give everyone a chance to attend.

The Lower Mainland includes several cities around Vancouver, B.C. : Richmond, Delta, New Westminster, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Surrey, and others.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go! I live in the Seattle area but that is still a little ways to go for me (my car gets 12 miles to the gallon). But it is wonderful to see someone's testimonial be so motivational! Notabarbie, you should be proud! Opps, that's a sin! :)

Anonymous said...

Well, Huey, if you are ever in the neighbourhood, let us know, and we will plan a meeting just for you.

It doesn't cost much, and you can ask the group members to contribute. So you could have your very own Seattle group.

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