Christian Apologists in Bed with Hitler - by FoulHeretic

A short, revealing study of a certain point in Christian apologetics.

An appeal to human decency, and a challenge to abandon faulty dogmas.

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Anonymous said...

Great clips; unfortunately, my recommendation is to keep the sound down, as IMHO, the music sucked.

Anonymous said...

cool vids, awesome music. ignore the first post, that guy is tone deaf :)

Aspirin99 said...

Pros: It really worked well to show the comparison quotes. Some excellent examples were chosen. I never knew Hitler said he was doing God's will- WOW.

I liked the music fine. Nice job on the editing too.

Cons: I could have done without some of the photos that were shown. Not because they were disturbing, but they just didn't seem to fit. Maybe replace them with some photos of concentration camps or something.

SpaceMonk said...

Well done video.
Probably the best I've seen on the topic.

Aspirin99 said...

One more thing, I couldn't read the text on the bottom of the screen because it was covered by the player's logo. You might want to increase the bottom margins. Actually, maybe all of the margins could be increased.

Hope to see more.

Joe B said...

Want to see more, check his Jesus Seen Again video. lol.

Lupis Noctum said...

Great videos, I especially applaude the choice of soundtrack for each, very effective.

Who's music was used for each? Love to get a bit more of it, esp. the first one.

Anonymous said...

Wow... some very good points. It made it clear to me that these Biblical warriors were just like Cambodian soldiers who made children cut each other's heads off; like Nazis who made people strip naked and dig their own grave before shooting them; like the Janjaweed in Sudan who rape women, kill men, and force children into hellish military service. It's like if the Nazis had won and got to write history... in hundreds of years, billions of people would sincerely believe the Nazis were God's warriors.

kenny, I agree about the photos at the end of the first one- most didn't fit very well. Overall, though, two good videos.

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