The Atheist's Nightmare

Six proofs that God created everything.

This video finished second in the Chicago Bagel Authority 5-Minute Film Festival.

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Kenny said...

Pros: The girl was hot. I really liked the animations of floating through the universe, and would like to know where that came from. And, they agree with me. It WAS fun to watch, and maybe that's all they intended.

Cons: It needs more cowbell or a proper explanation that will make watching the satire work. I mean, if you're going to mock a ridiculous viewpoint, then come back with some witty and accurate explanation that refutes the viewpoint- not just cuss it out.

I get that they were just trying to show how stupid the fundamentalist's views are. It just seems that after the mocking an intelligent response could have been given. I suppose you can only do so much in 5 minutes.

GARY said...

Thanks for da peanut butter - Man cannot live by bread alone - Now I move forward in faith without being in the least hamperd by logic or reason.
Happy stem cell & Peace Out

Spoomonkey said...

Kenny - I was thinking "cute" - but I get your point. She was the best part of the video.

I agree with you - it needed little more something. The "does god have a pecker" question seemed kind of pointless - where as the "what has god done for you" question seemed significant.


Anonymous said...

I was not impressed with the vid at all! Enough said!

Kenny and guys need to get out more often!

I did get a little worried when she sat in the grass with the jar of peanut butter an said she was going to perform an experiment of her own! Enough said!


Spoomonkey said...

Noell: Kenny and guys need to get out more often!

I do have a wide strike zone, I'm afraid ;-)

But admit it, she was no "pitch in the dirt" now was she? If I was doing an experiment with peanut butter and bananas, I'd let her help...


Kenny said...

Spoo, I think she's asking us out. Woo hoo! This is so going in my blog.

ahaha - jk

Anonymous said...

OK............maybe she was only a little low and outside just barely catching the corner! LOL!! One might have to swing wild to connect!

She just needs a serious house check! Meaning she should not have left the house without checking with me first!

With a decent hairstyle, some decent make up, a new wardrobe, loose those frames.......she might be presentable!

Come on Spoo........... tighten up those standards! LOL!!

Anytime Kenny!


Sieghart said...

If that was supposed to prove the existance of your so called "god" it failed miserably. A proffessor specializing in religion is a Theologist, not a self appointed dolt called a Faithologist. Notice how the so called "hobo" (probably a church member dressed up as one) couldnt answer what god did for him. And, monkeys do not prove the existance of god, they merely contradict the theory of evolution. Grass proves absolutely nothing in theology, Botany would be your best bet.
In a nutshell, you proved nothing other than those who created the video are insults to those of us that argue with logical reasons backed by proof. Those who made the video should do us all a favor and kill themselves. You uneducated dolts, burn in hell.

Spoomonkey said...

Noell: One might have to swing wild to connect!

I've been known to do just that ;-)

Noell: Come on Spoo........... tighten up those standards! LOL!!

Now, how could a fellow with the screen name "Spoomonkey" even hope to tighten up his standards? Fortunately - my wife's strike zone is much less forgiving than mine...


Anonymous said...

I'd hit it.

Badger3k said...

I never noticed it before, but Cameron looked a little too comfortable playing with that banana. Think his god would approve of him doing that?

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