A Challenge To A Ghost

The God of Summer Skies -- Rorschach Test VersionImage by onkel_wart via Flickr
by Michael

I opened the mind I have today
And I stopped Praying when I saw it was just the same
It got me thinking what is up above
Its your God and its not the God of mine
The Problem of Suffering, yeah
The Problem of Competence
Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind
Yet the brain is of the devil,
and its requests denied
Its need for nourishment is not from communion
But from the words of Jefferson, Spinoza, and not men of faith
This is a cry to all
Think about the harm
The young ones trapped in chains
Walking on eggshells
Poisoning the Brain
All you need is faith but is not true that what you can't know can harm you
Faith the chain of the mind
The shunt to progress
The poor give hardily
The Rich Prosper
Churches grow grander
The Poor grow hungrier
All to waste to the eyes of God
You should be ashamed
Your Flock is crooked
I believe I heard a promise
To prevent that
Do you care to cash in on it
Or do you exist at all
People please decide
Unless you are as corrupt as you seem

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