Holy Baloney

by BillyBee

The Holiday Parade was last week. I couldn't attend, I had to work that day. The next morning I spied a curious object lying on the kitchen counter. It was a 1X2" piece of paper with a bible verse printed on it.

The piece of paper had been stapled to a candy lollipop. The scripture, Mathew 6:33, stated that we should "...seek first His kingdom", and then all our other earthly needs would be provided. That's what it actually said. I'm not making this up. It sounded pretty clear to me!

I then wondered about the people who are honestly and diligently seeking after the kingdom, yet their needs are NOT being met. I smiled when I realized the irony in the fact that this promise was attached to a sucker.

Maybe at next years parade they can toss out bible verses that have been seared into slices of baloney...?

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