The Delusion of Christianity

by David

I recently turned my back on Christianity, and in doing so put an end to a 3-year marriage to my extremely fundamentalist wife. She and I are now free to move our separate ways and to be with partners that share our belief systems.

My hopes in writing this quick observation would be that some Christian who may be having problems with his faith will read this, use rational thought, and do what I did: walk away from the superstition that is Christianity.

Have you ever noticed that Christianity proclaims that those who accept Jesus are going to get special favors, such as supernatural wisdom, special healing from above, and that by accepting Christ as their saviour, and that they are no longer of this world and will be above it?

Have you ever seen any evidence in your life to back this up other than their constant reiteration of 2000-year-old scripture? I for one, have not! And that was a big reason that I finally decided that there was a major difference between what I heard in service on a weekly basis and what I observed in the real world.

Christianity is a lie, plain and simple. I have noticed that Christians are losing their homes at the same rate as non-Christians during this economic debacle. Christians are losing their jobs just like their pagan counterparts. Christians have a just as high, if not higher, rate of divorce than those who do not subscribe to religious belief systems. And yet, they all spend their time praying for this wish or that desire, as if their capricious God is suddenly going to get off his throne and grant their wishes...

Instead of praying for something, get off your butt and take action! I am saddened when I see all these hopeless people at these Joyce Meyer conferences, with their hands up in their air, just waiting for some miracle that will never come, regardless of whether they accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

Christianity is a lie, plain and simple.

Have you ever noticed that Christians die in the same ways and manner as those who do not worship a deity? For example, I always found it interesting that Christians were killed at Columbine (and in fact, were often singled out) and in the Virginia Tech massacre a few years ago. I would think that this omnipotent being who wants the best for his special people on Earth so that you can spread his message, would take extra special care of you while on this planet, but I have not noticed any evidence of that... When a perpetrator pulls a gun's trigger, and that bullet is aimed at a Christian, there is no supernatural force field to deflect the bullet, although it would certainly be very easy for this omniscient being to do so. (He did create the world in just seven days, and anything is possible with God... so how come it never materializes?) But then you get into that Christian argument of interfering with our free will if he did so. My question would be, how is this God ever supposed to answer anyone's prayer, because the answer will undoubtedly affect some person's free will?

A Christian pastor was gunned down in front of his congregation earlier this year in Illinois without any help from his saviour. A Christian musicians' adopted daughter is run over by his son horsing around in the family SUV while God just sits on his throne and watches this tragedy unfold without ever laying his supernatural hand down to help. Instead we get the family on Larry King proclaiming that this tragedy perpetrated by Satan will not tear them apart and will only bring them close to Jesus -- this Jesus who did nothing to help their daughter. A Christian pastor just passes away from his disease a week ago (story is posted on this website a few days earlier) despite thousands of heartfelt prayers for his recovery for Jesus to rebuke the disease and save him. And then when this man passes, Christians don't ask, "Why didn't God answer my prayers to save this man? Hmmm... could it be that He doesn't exist?" They just go on and on about how, "God has brought this one home; you cannot question his eternal wisdom; he created us and how dare we question his truth..." Now we must pray for his family?! Wake up! If God didn't answer your first prayer to save this man of the Lord, why in the world do you think he will answer your prayers now to offer comfort to his family?

I watched American Greed last week and in short, it told the story of hundreds of Christians who were sucked into a religious ponzi scheme. Some of these people lost over 50K because they had believed that God had answered their prayers for financial blessing and had provided them a financial vehicle for their retirement. When the scheme blew up, and they found out that their money was gone; obviously they were devastated. In my opinion God has let them down -- BIG TIME! When asked how this experience affected their faith, do you think that any one of them questioned how God could let this happen and express their doubts about their belief system? No, they just stated that their masterminds of this scheme will have to answer to God, and that they have even more faith in Jesus now because of this experience. WHAT?! Are you crazy? Defending this God who just silently lets you blow your money without every giving you any supernatural wisdom that you were putting your hard earned money into a ponzi scheme? This kind of thinking can not help the future of mankind.

Bottom line is that Christianity promises a lot, but other than the companionship that you can develop with other human beings, there is absolutely no evidence of any supernatural interference or benefits in their lives.

To any Christian who is thinking of leaving the fold:

I applaud your decision, and although it may be difficult, you will eventually learn to enjoy the remainder of your life without the Jesus-tinted glasses you have become accustomed to. The biggest discovery you make in leaving Christianity is that you have learned to think rationally for yourself and to break away from a lemming mentality. (Lemmings are small animals that will follow one another to their death as they leap off cliffs...)

Thank your rational brains and anyone who has helped you to question your belief system so that this lemming gene wont be passed on to the next generation.

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