Dear Christians: This is revolting -- utterly revolting

by JM, Annoyed Medicinian Lord

This particular work (of art?) makes me want to vomit. It is not the depictions of Jesus that I find sickening, or any of the other symbolic items in this painting. No, what makes me sick about this is that it offers an unpleasantly pornographic view into the mindset of the modern-day right-wing anti-liberal "patriotic" American Christian. It screams "GIVE US OUR THEOCRACY!!!"

I was once a Christian. I believed. I prayed. There was a time when garbage such as this painting wouldn't have bothered me in the least.

I am fortunate that I had the intellect necessary to figure out what a depraved falsehood Christianity is, and that I stumbled across a wealth of evidence that could lead to no other logical conclusion. If only everyone could be so lucky. Whether or not the world would be a better place I cannot say, but it certainly wouldn't hurt.

Well, it is that time of year again. The winter solstice is rapidly approaching, and it is being heralded by the wails of the masses who bleat about "the TRUE meaning of the season" and the "War on Christmas". They shout in unison "VALIDATE OUR MYTH!". I refuse.

If you want to believe in your absurd human-sacrifice doctrine, have at it. I only ask that you take that repulsive doctrine, your sweet little baby Jesus, your mournful looking Jesus-on-a-stick, and your fear-mongering "End Times" crap, and get it out of the public square and behind the closed doors of your church where it belongs.



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