Fighting off the common cold

by Daytripper

Sneezing, coughing, fever, body aches -- we have all experienced these symptoms. If you weren’t raised by wolves then you know the common cold is a two-week virus that has to run its course, and the body will naturally (in most cases) fight it off. Of course we need to get plenty of rest and drink fluids in order to help things along.

Having just recovered from a bout of this kind of flu, I started thinking about the immune system. It is amazing, yet where would the Bible Literalists say it came from? Most people who believe the Genesis account of creation believe that Adam and Eve were created in God’s image and without sin. In other words, perfect. My question for them is did this “perfect” creation include an immune system?

If the answer is yes we would be safe to assume that god knew the outcome of his little experiment. He knew the slippery words slithering out of the snake’s mouth would be too much for Adam and Eve to handle. He knew they would succumb to the juicy, ripe fruit he dangled in front of them, as he made it clear (just like any loving father would) that they were not to eat it.

God knew the weakness of humans and so as a way to combat their disobedient choices he made sure they came equipped with an immune system for the future when sin would cause sickness to enter the world. This mechanism just goes to show what an amazing mind god has. He was so thoughtful to include an immune system that fights off the common cold for us miserable sinners. Just think how much harder it would be for people with missing limbs and spinal injuries if they had no immune system. Yes, god knew we would fail and give in to temptation, but he sure did a kind thing by making sure all of us were made with a built in germ destroyer. It doesn’t matter that he also must have known sin might cause this germ destroyer to malfunction at times and attack the wrong things, namely it self. The important thing is it works for a lot of people.

If you think the answer to my question is no, then we have a whole other set of observances to deal with. If god didn’t include an immune system in the original design then where did it come from? Did it evolve perhaps? Or did god use his powers and add it after the fruit was eaten? If he did why did he stop there? Why not include a cancer fighting system, a spinal injury repair kit, or new limb growth? What about MS, ALS, brain injury, diabetes, hypoglycemia? Didn't he know that these would be a potential problem?

What do you think?

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