Why Is Evolution So Unpopular?

I think many people find discomfort with the idea that our ancestors of millions of years ago were primates, or single-cell microorganisms billions of years ago. And I think many theists are used to believing that their religion holds a monopoly as a source of moral behavior and values.

I disagree.

I don’t think we have a moral mandate because God said so. I think we have a moral mandate because our actions, nevertheless what we think, make a difference. We affect the people around us in material and emotional terms, and our actions set an example for others to follow.

We have a moral mandate to take responsibility because we are in the rare position among life forms on earth to think, reflect, and take consideration of consequence.
I think to fail to excogitate on our actions with our unique mental capabilities is tragic. And we see the problems that arise out of this failure, both in problems of hurt emotions and damaged relationships, and in problems of brutal violence and conflict.

Our ancestry from millions of years ago doesn’t limit our intellectual capability to find solutions to these problems today. It doesn’t impede our moral imperative to heal ourselves. And ... it doesn't remove purpose from our lives.

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TheJaytheist said...

That was fantastic. Funny and smart.

paul said...

very clever and well done. it was a good laugh.

Kat said...

Geeks are hot.

If this was supposed to be aimed at a middle to lowbrow crowd I don't know that a word like 'excogitate' is the best choice.

Unknown said...

I still don't see what the problem is with 'some' theists regarding 'evolution' being taught in school/s.

Please, scientific theories and scientific-FACT/S can be taught in public schools and then 'Theistic'-beliefs can be taught in a CHURCH/S-!

Don't require that theistic-beliefs be taught in public schools and then also don't require that 'science' and 'provable-facts' be taught in a church/es.

What could be 'more-fair' that that-?

I really fail to see what the problem/s is/are with the current approach/s-?

Anonymous said...

Here's my problem with it: I want to know how many mutations are beneficial, in the sense that natural selection can make some use of them, as opposed to harmful or neutral.

But whenever I asked a teacher about this, I have been derided and ignored.

Something is wrong here.

Can anyone answer this?

Of course, if all I get is ridicule or sarcastic remarks, that will tell me somehting also...that the questton can't be answered.

webmdave said...

Anonybot, stay off the anti-science apologetics pages like Answers in Genesis. Those arguments are not science.

And besides, if NO ONE on this page can answer your question, that doesn't mean "There is no answer." It just means no one here knows the answer.

However, there is an answer: CLICK HERE. I highly doubt you are really searching for the answer, though. And your teachers don't answer you, I am guessing, because they know your religious mindset and they don't want to argue with you.

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