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1/19/2008                                                                                       View Comments

Religious Idiocy

By ReligionIsACrutch

Atheism is inspired by one thing most of all: honesty with yourself. If you look at ALL of the evidence and make an honest decision without clouding your judgment with fear, guilt, love, duty, or anything else, you will come to one logical conclusion: There are no gods. Even if there were, they have made no contact with humans or even claimed to exist at all. The only evidence there is, supports the conclusion that gods are fictitious and no more likely to exist than elves, fairies, gnomes, trolls, ogres, goblins, sprites or pixies.


Mriana said...

Great post and good video. Thanks for sharing. :)

chucky jesus said...

The post and video rather says it all...

Tony said...

I cannot believe that I used to be as stupid as these people. Sadly, I was.

Anonymous said...

i never believed this crap from the 4th grade. i walked out of sunday school. i could not stand the stench.

Cousin Ricky said...

I hear ya, Tony. Guilty as charged. I spent nearly all of my life believing this stuff, and when doubts started creeping in, i wasted several years trying to convince myself that it was true.

Hard to believe that, even after i started questioning, the obvious evaded me.

Or was it i who evaded the obvious? Between the promise of immortality (wishful thinking), the risk of hell (Pascal’s wager), and the specter of community disapproval, it can be frightening to let go of the absurd.