One Nation Under Huck

is a moron, but didn't he just say what the religious right has been thinking for years? They repeat in the media and in churches all over America that "we are a Christian nation," but they must know it's not true. Why else would they have to amend the ?

It amazes me how many people born in the 1960s and later don't know that Eisenhower added "" to our money and "" to our pledge. They just assume it's always been there. Heck, I'm in my 40s and I didn't know it until I broke away form the Christian cult and started reading history. Why don't they teach that in grade school?

I'm actually glad showed his hand. It's about time the American people see the for what they really are, a cult of power hungry control-freaks who want to impose their own sick belief system on the rest of the country and set civilization back about 2000 years!

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