Why I rejected Christianity

A video by Hector Avalos.

Hector Avalos (b. Nogales, Sonora, México, October 8, 1958) is a professor of Religious Studies at Iowa State University and the author of several books about religion.[1] Avalos is a former editor of the Journal for the Critical Study of Religion. He is a former Pentecostal preacher and child evangelist. Recognized as one of the foremost scholars of health care in the ancient world, Avalos is also one of the most prominent secular humanist biblical scholars today.

He has a Doctor of Philosophy in Hebrew Bible and Near Eastern Studies from Harvard University (1991), Master of Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School (1985), and a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from University of Arizona in 1982.

The End of Biblical Studies

The End of Biblical Studies
By Hector Avalos

Price: $21.12


Andrew Hawkins said...

I had the misfortune of reading the Dawkins Letters by David Robertson. (A theist acquaintance gave it to me as a Christmas present - I hate being prayed for. I’ve denounced and blasphemed against the Holy Spirit on numerous occasions.) In the book Robertson berates Dawkins for not mentioning the glut of theistic scientists who litter academia. Conversely there must be a glut of unbelievers who litter the religious schools across the world and wouldn’t it be good to have such a list to hand. My list is extremely short mainly because I suspect most are diffident about showing their true belief – for obvious reasons. And of course, I don’t often walk into religious academic institutions asking searching questions of its professors.

Bart Ehrman is one such biblical scholar who pronounces his unbelief.
New to my list is Hector Avalos.

Does anybody else know of other theologians without belief?

Jim Arvo said...

Andrew asked "Does anybody else know of other theologians without belief?"

Yes. Here are some theologians who essentially debunk Christianity, although I cannot say for sure that all of them are without some kind of religious belief (those I have marked with a "?"): Robert M. Price, Karen Armstrong (?), Charles Templeton, John Dominic Crossan (?), Elaine Pagels, Burton Mack, and Bruno Bauer.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. Dr. Avalos seems to be a man of integrity. I'll look forward to reading his book.

Andrew: good question. I've read "Leaving the Fold" by Edward Babinski, that presents essays by former believers, many of whom were academic theologians prior to their deconversion. Jack Good, another career pastor has written "The Dishonest Church" about the disregard that parish ministers have to the teachings in seminary training. He relates that the preachers generally "preach what the congregation wants to hear" otherwise the congregation will just "call" someone else, more to their liking.

The only problem I have with "tell all" preachers is that they reserve their criticisms specifically after their 40 year careers, and probably after they're well into their pension benefits from the church.

I would love to hear of others as well.

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