Evidences for a god?

By Bob P

It has become obvious that the ongoing debate over religion has little or nothing to do with religion. The dispute has degraded into citing references that may or may not be relevant to the issues at hand. Here is a list of some of the irrelevant issues:

1: The mental status of the debater.

Sanity has certainly never been a prerequisite for religion. The same rules should hold for atheism. Any Sunday morning with a TV set can confirm this.

2: Was Hitler a Christian or an atheist?

Christians claim Hitler was an atheist. Hitler was raised a Catholic and claimed to always be religious. But that issue is a moot point in whether a god exists or not.

3: Stalin, Pol Pot and Ho Chi Min are reported to be atheists.

I believe they were... So what? Is their position of any more significance than Hitler's?

4: How many and which scientists are religious and how many and which ones are atheists?

I believe this issue weighs highly in favor of the atheists, but again, it's simply a straw-man type argument.

5: Obsession with cause.

Who determines who's obsessed and who's merely concerned with a cause? The most important scientific discoveries were made by those obsessed with the quest for an answer. Those who created religions were probably no less obsessed than the scientists who made earth shaking discoveries. Obsession is not an undesirable quality or a handicap.

6: Simple slogans.

'In God we trust' on money and 'Under God in the pledge'. Is this meaningful evidence that a god exists? I'm sure every deity had a slogan. It only proves that man has a vivid imagination.

7: Slogans on public buildings.

This would only reflect the opinion of the architect and those approving the funds to construct. The pyramids had a lot of recorded information....Oops, the wrong gods!

8: The majority wins!

Wins what? True the majority of Americans (78%) are stated Christians, but world wide only 1/3 of the population is Christian nation and of those only less than 80% are really Christian......80% of 33% is only 27%, hardly a majority.....In England, France and Germany, the percentage is much less.

I'm sure there are many more irrelevant issues to cloud the real issue, that being the question of whether a god exists or not. 'IF' there is a god, there should be evidence to support it. If there is no evidence, then it should be questioned as superstition, mythology or a good scam, for money and power. As an atheist, I'm frequently asked to 'prove' that God doesn't exist. One cannot logically disprove the non existence of anything. We cannot prove that unicorns don't exist, although I have no reason to believe they do. The same logic applies to not only your god, but all the other gods as well.

In my 73 years on this planet, I have yet to see one convincing bit of evidence that there is a god. But unlike the devout believers, I'm always open to any new evidence, should it become available. I might look good with a cross around my neck. But then, I really doubt much could save either my long lost looks or my theism.

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