Shifting the burden of proof

A short video by John L Armstrong

If someone believed that Hercules existed as a historical figure, they would be expected to provide evidence. Why should Jesus be treated different from Hercules? --


Anonymous said...

Josephus can be immediately discounted as a contemporary of Jesus as he was born after Jesus was supposedly killed. Anything he wrote would be nothing more than hearsay from followers of the Christian religion.

SpaceMonk said...

Arguing with 'Holding' is like fighting the tar baby.
He never admits when he's been beaten, he just argues around in a wild goose dance until you can't be bothered anymore, or you get sick of his namby pamby insults.
Then he writes up another 'victory' on his website. 'Atheist humiliated'... blah, blah, blah...

Raytheist said...

Very nice piece, but at the end I am wondering why you close with "and may God's gift of reason light our way."

uhhh.. "God's gift"? I thought the blogger(s) here were atheist, so this phrase throws me. It's okay if the person in the video isn't atheist, and I'm not accusing, challenging, or otherwise intentionally demeaning (and I ask forgiveness if it sounds like I am)... just inquiring about this turn of phrase as used at the end of a (presumably) atheist video.

All the rest of it is very good.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

the guy might be deist

AtheistToothFairy said...

sir fer wrote:
"the guy might be deist"

I've watched quite a few of his video's and he is indeed a deist, but considering how young he is, I'm betting it won't be long before he gives up on that idea as well.


Cousin Ricky said...

Knitterman wrote: “uhhh.. 'God's gift'? I thought the blogger(s) here were atheist, so this phrase throws me.”

The bloggers here are former Christians. Not all former Christians default to atheism.

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