Atheist Life vs Religious Life

By Fighting Atheist

Some argue that religious life is the best way to live. They claim life without a god is sad and depressing. Statements like "I could not imagine my life without God", and "My life would be meaningless without God", are common defenses for a religious life. The following is a list of advantages atheists enjoy over a religious life. I invite the religious viewers to submit a response video with the advantages of a religious life.

1. Atheists can make moral decisions based on the specific context. Having absolutes like "Though Shall not Lie" stops people from thinking for themselves and making the right decision based on the situation at hand. In what situation would be okay to lie? Most religious people would say, never. Atheists would disagree. For example: If you were living in Germany hiding Jews in your attic during the holocaust, and Hitler's Nazis knocked on your door and asked if you were hiding Jews, would it be okay to lie to save the lives of the Jews in your attic? I believe trying to save their lives would the moral and proper choice. Atheists have the power to do what's right for all humanity, rather than the forced perspective of doing what is right for a god.

2. Atheists can experience healthy outrage at the outrageous without fear of questioning God's plan. We can be outraged when a friend dies of a horrible disease, or is killed in a car accident. It is okay to be upset at disasters and horrible events. It is not a part of any plan. It is just a horrible event. Atheists try to learn from them and not just chalk it up to God's Plan. We use science to understand catastrophic events like hurricanes, and tsunamis. This gives us the ability to save lives. If we think a magical plan is going to happen no matter what, then why try to stop the events or make things better. Atheists do not wonder if a god is punishing us. Yes, there is cause and effect, and our actions effect how we live, you should save for retirement, and if your diet is bad you'll end up fat, or sick, or both. But if an airplane part falls on your house, it is an accident. If you find a 5 dollar bill on the sidewalk, it is an accident. No magical intervention, no magical wrath, these are just accidents. Life has an element of chance. This may not seem comforting, but here is another way to look at it: Your loved one dies in a completely random car accident where nobody could possibly be blamed. Is it more comforting to know the accident happened because of bad luck or is better to think the accident could have been prevented by an omnipotent being that could have stepped in and saved them from an untimely death, but your god decided to just let them die? You don't have to be frustrated thinking "Was it because I didn't pray enough?" "Was God mad at me or them?" "Maybe I should have prayed more." Atheist take comfort in knowing there is no plan.

3. Atheist can be friends with everyone without having the thought in the back of their mind that this person's lifestyle may be evil. You have the power to accept people for what they are. Enabling you to enjoy their quirks rather than chastise them for being unique. Atheists can have relationships with people who have alternative lifestyles without feeling like they have to save them from some deity that is going to condemn them for being themselves. After all, if there was a creator, then he has made everyone the way they are. Atheists don't fear that a large part of the earth's population is going to hell for being true to themselves.

5. Atheists do not live with the fear of hell. This is one of the hardest things for religious people to shake and one of the best rewards. Religious people love the thought of heaven, but fear hell as a consequence. In order to lose the fear of hell, you have to let go of the false hope of heaven. Atheists have done both.

7. Atheists raise freethinking children; let them pick a religion, or none. What would you have picked? This is hard for parents. If a child wanted to be another religion, or even atheist, it would be devastating to most religious parents. Why not teach them about all religions and tell them why you believe the one you do, and then let them choose? Atheists do not force atheism on their children. We simple let them see the evidence for and against religion and let them make up there own mind. They may change there mind several times. This is okay. Atheists love their children no matter what belief they are drawn too. That is the beauty of free thinking. You can raise your children according to your values without feeling as though you have to defend Bible stories that even a child can see are fiction.


Anonymous said...

I occasionally debate Christians and the experience opens up a mindset I'd almost completely forgotten. Your post raises many of the traps of that way of thinking that the debates didn't remind me of.

Points 4 and 6 are MIA :-D My suggestions:

No tithing (which is popular amongst fundies and megachurchies despite being contrary to the Biblical command of "sell all your possessions" and "holding all things in common").

No wack jobs on power trips claiming they are a direct conduit from God. We get to decide for ourselves what is right and wrong and have to live with that as we see fit.

Anonymous said...

This is really picky, but it's one of my pet peeves (I have several). Please learn the difference between 'there' and 'their', and use it in your everyday writings. You look like an uneducated slob using it wrong. And it's a small thing, but one that narrow-minded people like many Christians use as an excuse to dis your message.

Beyond that, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...


Carl K,
You are worried about a person using their versus there?


Anonymous said...

"Please learn the difference between 'there' and 'their', and use it in your everyday writings. You look like an uneducated slob using it wrong."

So what? Who cares? Get over it Einstein.

In case you haven't figured it out yet, the world does not revolve around what you want or what you do not like. There's nothing you can do about it, so learn to live with it. There are more important issues in this world to worry about besides someone's bad spelling.

If you don't like the way some people spell then that's your problem 'Karl K.'

Anonymous said...

Wow, such hostility towards Carl K. for just trying to help the OP. I agree with Carl, you may be able to get away with sloppy grammar in casual conversation, but when you are trying to make an educated point, confusing their, there, and they're can give a critic an "in" to attack your spelling, rather than your content.

We all make mistakes and I would hope that the OP would appreciate a little constructive criticism. Carl K. was just trying to help.

jimearl said...

Whoa. Not worth fighting over.

When someone points out a slight error in grammar or spelling for me, I appreciate it. I think to myself, "How could I have missed that?"

I agree with Carl K. Minor errors have no place in our writings if we can help it, especially when we are trying to send a positive message.

Huey said...

jimearl said:

"When someone points out a slight error in grammar or spelling for me, I appreciate it. I think to myself, 'How could I have missed that?' "

I agree! When I post something lengthy here, I will type it up in Word, spell-check it and reread several times before finally posting it and STILL miss something! We're not all English majors here.

I treat the occasional mistakes for what they are. There is a limit to that of course. I don't know whether to laugh or feel contempt when I read a post by some anonymous fundie that is one long run-on sentence with non-stop misspellings. There is a difference between honest mistakes and blatent ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Geeez....Is spelling errors really that important? As far as "Making an educated point" goes, as long as I know what the person is talking about, I don't care how they spell their words.

Just having some good old "Common Sense" and "The Know How" carries a lot more weight than education sometimes.

We've got enough educated fools in this world the way it is. Common Sense seems to be lacking in most people these days.

There are a lot more important issues in this world to deal with besides someone's incorrect way of spelling.

If someone gets so frustrated over the way someone spells I sure would hate to see how that same person would deal with a "Real Crisis" in this world.

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