My "coming out" story

This is the story of the first time I told someone I was an atheist. When I was a proselytizing evangelical Christian, I ran across atheists from time to time. This was my first time being on the other side of that fence. I hope i wasn't as much of a self-righteous ass as the guy who approached me. If anyone out there in Internet-land recognizes me for that from my proselytizing days, my sincerest apologies.



Anonymous said...

You used the right word, ridiculous, in your description of Christianity.

Great video, thanks, and welcome to the wonderful world of reason.

Jim Earl

Anonymous said...

Well Spoken!

Anonymous said...

Christians are the one's who "Don't Get it".

Congratulations on finding your way into reality.

Anonymous said...

I like this video because she says it so well. She is VERY charismatic, and her message comes across clearly.

Yes, we need more videos of ex-Christians like her.

Well done!

resonate11 said...

Fabulous! Well thought, well written, well delivered. Thanks, frisbeesANDflipflops.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What an intelligent and articulate young woman. I'm so happy to have you on our side! Maybe there's some hope for this country after all.

Praise the... Oops ;-)

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your video-very eloquent and lots of personality! Thanks and Welcome;)

WhateverLolaWants said...

Great video- thanks!

Anonymous said...

Excellent video! Keep it up. You are a very smart and articulate woman.
I remember the first time I said that I wasn't a Christian out loud. It was with a group of women I was on an adventure trip with, that I had just known for a few days. It was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders! One of the other women said, "me either." We became fast friends. As it turned out most of the women on the trip weren’t Christians. It was one of the best times I have ever had.

boomSLANG said...

Outstanding!(in every way)

May reason be your guide!

boom'.. aka the Eyelashviper ; )

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