Illusions of Thee

By Bill Jeffreys

It burns and purges and lingers about

What emotions are left

because it does not doubt

It consumes and eats without appeal

My heart alone, it leave unreal

I can not see what life it leaves

Can you see what I believe?

Please turn to me and feel me now

Be not like what I am ...

Hollow, empty, a sound you hear

when you are alone and shed a tear

It only stops when all is gone

Empty, it dies and leaves black skies

I look up and see what lies

my heart consumed with things that died.

But now I'm here and now I hear

I see and feel and run with without fear

My life alone, it always was

No more sound, now more false Noun

I am what I am I live what I live

Free of It, loose to be, to define what's me

I can rebuilt and learn to see

Start fresh, because there is no more Thee in me

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