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Atheist Evangelist


Anonymous said...

I guess the Mormons don't like people bashing at there doors Saturday mornings either. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant! I want to do that! Maybe not in my neighborhood, because I might get shot at, but damn, that looks like fun.

jt finally free said...

I absolutely loved this. This was Brilliant! It goes to show you how tolerant the religious of our country are when you turn the tables on them! Evangelicals are probably much worse! I wonder if I'm allowed to hit people with brooms like they did to this guy the next time someone comes to my door preaching the good news. Thanks for posting this Dave. This was hillarious.

Farris said...

I guess when Mormons look in the mirror they're not so pretty! You could make a full length film doing this, it is absolutely hilarious.

Nvrgoingbk said...

I want more!!

I would love to see this guy make more videos. Nick and I were rolling!

Athiest Evangelist! LOL!

Anonymous said...

"What is an Athiest Evangelist?

what does he have to say?

If their is no God then their is nothing...but death "annilation"
Life is not really life!

Anonymous said...

This guy is very witty and very funny! I agree with everyone here! This left you wanting more! I looked it up and his name is John Safran. His website is if your interested in more. This was a good piece of work!

Sarabhi said...

OMG...I was laughing so hard at that. I actually got my Christian fiance to come watch it and he thought it was hilarious too! lol...

SpaceMonk said...
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SpaceMonk said...

This was one of my favourite parts of that series.
It was called 'John Safran vs God' and it was on Australian SBS TV. The whole series is actually available on DVD.

He basically went around the world 'trying out' all different religions, doing stunts like this.

One other memorable one was when he (an atheist Jew) visited a Ku Klux Klan HQ and spoke with the Grand Dragon there.
He went on to tell him that Hitler was less Aryan than himself.

I was surprised that he wasn't lynched on the spot.

Actually I found it on Youtube. There's a whole bunch under 'John Safran'.

Vixentrox said...

Wow...that one old codger attacked them with his rake! Classic.

Anonymous said...

Like YAZZ sang "The Only Way is Up"--and with that said, Up is England. As the states are brainwashed more so with religious extremism than England! Had he knocked on doors in my rural area of Georgia, he would have been assaulted, beaten, and who knows what? Though, I'd hugged him silly!

Anonymous said...

I used to believe that Religon was a disease, but after reading DR.Arthur Janov's recent book "Primal Healing" I come to see Religion is just an ideational means of repressing awareness of pain. In advanced cases it leads to or manafests as psychosis. Fequently, it is a substitute for other drugs to supress pain.
I believe religious parents are more likely to inflict pain upon their clildren ( due to that damnable book, the Holy Bible), but often the pain is inflicted in the womb, through mal-birthing practices (prevelent in the USA), and early childhood. But pain leading to ideational act outs can be caused at any time. Anyone wanting to understand current events, history and their own history, must read "Primal Healing" Look up Janov on the web.

Astreja said...

Anony, thanks for the mention of Dr. Janov! I did some quick lookups and found this quote:

Once people have been opened up to their pain, they are vulnerable to manipulation.

Perhaps understanding that point is a key to understanding how religion manages to gets its hooks into the psyches of so many people.

xrayman said...

That was beyond comedy gold. Since my deconversion from God belief I have had only one door knocker who happened to be a J.W. I gladly invited him in. If you want to send them running in a hurry just state you are an unwavering strong atheist.

That seems like a stunt that Borat guy would pull off. Those two guys were great. I want more !!!!!!!