Christian Bible Teacher Vs. Brett Keane

Another in a series of ex-Christian atheist Brett Keane asking questions so-called Christian leaders.


Anonymous said...

You were kind to this woman and not condescending. I'm really impressed how honest this woman was.

I enjoy your video blogs Brett.
Thank you,

Anonymous said...

I love how they have to be guided with the bible. You need special knowledge to interpret it... because its so absurd. So who is leading here? The church leaders tell you what to believe. As a christian you allow other people to literally control your thoughts. It's so very sad.

eel_shepherd said...

Yeah, I liked this video too, for the same reasons. He tends not to hammer the nice people, and the woman was being honest.

One point to consider, with regard to the point about how women should be seen but not heard in the religious assemblies (they've got it half right, BTW; now if only someone would add a verse requiring the males to keep their traps shut too, they might actually have something...), the bible goes on to justify (turd-polish) that by saying that it was Eve who blew it in Eden, not Adam, and that therefore... somethingsomethingsomething blahblahblah... So when people start justifying it by saying well the times were this or the customs of the day were that, etc., well, that doesn't really cut it, does it? Once you start talking Eve, aren't you talking about a static reality, something that's hardwired into the position, rather than something that should/could change with the times?

I wonder if the root word for "Eve" is the same as for "ovum". In which case the bible has settled the question of whether the chicken or the egg came first.

YouTube's getting to be probably the #1 place on the Web, as far as visits go. Sooner or later it's gonna be impossible to ambush any of these guys. At that point I hope somebody phones up the bible-answer-man, Hank Hennagraaff, and, Western movie style, calls on him to come out of the saloon and onto the street. Somehow, though, I doubt that ol' Hank has the juice to ride out to the O.K. Corrall...

Anonymous said...

This woman has never read half of the Bible, but yet she's teaching children the Bible, I'd be willing to bet her main theme is "Jesus loves you" that's all she herself knows, because that is all that she's heard herself.

This is a big problem, we have people teaching the Bible without any authority, or having read the Bible, it's all self-claimed authority.

I suppose once a person is declared a Christian, this issues a person to be an religious authority.

So just say "I Love Jesus and I'm a Christian" now you're a bona fide religious authority.

Who ever shall confess with their mouths, shall become an instant self-claimed religious authority.

Now be sure not to ask any question though.

This type of religious fraud is prevalent all over the USA, encluding the political system, we have people in politics that are not qualified and have never been qualified to hold the position that they hold.

What profit we have gained from this false Jesus.

Anonymous said...


Did you notify the lady that you were recording her voice and that her conversation would be broadcast to the public via the internet? You should check out the law in your state. If the call is made across state lines it falls under federal jurisdiction of which you should be aware.

I wonder how that would shake out in a civil lawsuit?

Anonymous said...

Sew that seed Brett! LOL! Nice one!

Anonymous said...

Wow brett so far I've seen you take on a catholic deacon and a pre-school teacher. What's next a 19 year old youth pastor?

Anonymous said...

R. H. Biblehumper, Did you know that you are technically communicating a threat?

Which happens to be transmitted over elecronic media, if found guilty, you could be charged with an act of terriorism. FYI

Anonymous said...

RH, you seem to have a legal back-ground... may I ask which university you attended and received your law degree from? I mean, you "do" have one of those, or you have at least researched the topic, before giving your most erudite legal advice, right...

I mean, you wouldn't possibly be pimping yourself off as a lawyer, like you do as a literate christian, saavy in the ways of the wonder god, right.

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