Atheist Bullshiters

Recently a Christian poster made the allegation that anyone who walks away from Christianity always leaves a "strange" version of it. Although this poster declined to define exactly what a "strange" version of Christianity might be, the topic on which this Christian posted his observation had to do with Christians who believe the world is approximately 6,000 years old, was created in six days, in general cling to a Biblical literalism, and who in many cases believe their worldview should be promoted in schools and through other educational venues. Now the Christian poster didn't actually say that such literalists were strange in their beliefs, but that was the implication based on the context of the conversation in which he did say that he had never met a Christian who believed such odd things (World only 6,000 years old, etc). I suggested to this Christian that he hadn't been around much.

Anyway, I attempted, unsuccessfully, to help this Christian understand that there is no way to define "strange" when it comes to various Christian beliefs, because there are so many versions of Christianity believed and followed, both throughout history and now. In reality, any and all versions of Christianity are thought strange by other people in other versions of Christianity. It all depends on who is carrying on the conversation.

He wanted to be inclusive in his embrace of all Christians, regardless of marked theological and behavioral differences, but still held that there are strange versions of Christianity. When pressed harder to define "strange" he simply stopped commenting.

When Christians see members of Westboro Baptist Church out picketing, many Christians simply disavow them as not doing what "real Christians" should be doing. I would guess that Westboro Baptist would be considered a "strange" version of Christianity by many. The trouble is, Westboro's members have as much scriptural support for their positions as do the more liberal and less aggressive versions of Christianity. By being selective, and because of all the contradictions, Biblical support is fairly easy to come by.

OK. Well, this guy in the YouTube video is not a member of Westboro Baptist Church, but he does believe he is a true Christian. Undoubtedly some Christians will find this YouTube Christian as a bit strange. The response was made by a member of the Forum section of this site who goes by the name "Celt Cat."

The language used by the Christian in the first video is not work friendly.

So, here's the question for any and all: Is this Christian following a "strange" version of Christianity? Please try to explain your answer.

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