Christianity IS Mind Control

By John Blatt

Here is a poignant video about the coercive persuasion, mind control, and brainwashing of Christianity. It exposes all kinds of mind control characteristics and methodologies even of those outside Christianity, but anyone who either is a Christian or has been a Christian will see the marks of Christian programming and indoctrination in this little film. I have made some comments below concerning one aspect of this mind control that is touched upon in this video. I hope you enjoy it!

In this video you hear the following statement: "Your bible clearly states that I am the the Messiah" (concerning a cult leader). The vast majority of people, both Christian and non-Christians alike, know that if someone claims to be the messiah you know it is just bullshit.

One of the greatest deceptions of Christianity is for the bible to claim Jesus as the Messiah. Why? Because he is not here. He is not a person to talk to physically. He is supposedly only reached through the holy spirit (which of course you cannot sit down with at a table and have a cup of tea together and chat). The mind is forced to have faith in an unseen deity whom cannot be physically questioned or communicated with (physical, verbal communication). The only source of physical "communication" with god is the bible (For christians: here is not the place to discuss spiritual communication through prayer and internal dialog with the holy spirit, thats another article) and the bible teaches that the leaders of the faith (pastors, elders, deacons, bishops, priests, bible scholars, and even parents, etc) hold a special divine authority as the leaders of god's kingdom here on earth (the church). The communication of authority only goes ONE WAY. Down the hierarchical chain-of-command: Father to Jesus to Holy Sprit to church leaders (or elders) to fathers then mothers. This is the flow of "divine authority." Ultimately, of course, the source of this authority is the bible, which just so happens to give itself its own authority and in turn gives an authority to the chain-of-command.

Now, the deception lies in that since the authority, practically speaking, is carried out by Christian leaders. You cannot question their authority because the bible says so. If you question the bible's authority you are in effect questioning god's authority and the leadership will not tolerate that, because they have the authority from the bible. So the mind is forced to either rebel against the whole system or become obedient. Theoretically obedient to the bible and practically obedient to the church authority.

Christianity is a mind control Cult and Jesus is its Cult leader. But because jesus isn't here we must worship him in the spirit with faith. Its sub-leaders, the pastors, elders, and teachers, - "God's Anointed Servants", practically speaking, are "under-shepherds" and point everyone to the invisible Jesus through faith. Thus the mind control is so much more difficult to see because the focus is not on any physical man, but on god and Jesus. Thus no matter how insane or abusive the "under-shepherds" or sub-leaders are the Cult program continues. See, if a physical cult leader started doing insane and abusive things it is much easier for the mind to wake up and say "wait a minute" and start questioning things. But because invisible Jesus is the Cult leader the system can continue forever because he is perfect and holy and just and all loving savior that does no wrong. Of course! You in effect have a Cult, just like any other more noticeable cults like Sun Myung Moon, but without the danger of it falling in on itself by the actions of a physical person. Because Jesus was perfect (as the "authoritative" bible says) and the Cult is focus is on him, the real programming and control goes unchallenged and unimpeded.

This is just a little food for thought.

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