Atheist Raising Children - By Brett Keane

What it's like raising children being an Atheist Father.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. Don't trust your children to do anything! I know highly educated people who are "believers" that would never delve into the historical aspects of christianity!

As a father it is your responsibility to step up and read the religious texts of the world to your own children applying your own educated interpretation as to the legitimacy of said teachings. Reading and comprehension, as you well know, do not go hand in hand. Trusting your children to be able to understand and separate reality from myth would be a dire mistake on your part. If some fundy is present at the time of your children's exploration of any of the worlds ridiculous religious writings, then you may very well be the future father of a pope, osamha, or a Koresh. I truly wish that I had had a responsible parent who would have shown me the truth at a young age so that I would have not wasted precious time worshiping an ancient imaginary being for the majority of my life!

Propagate your life experience and the truth you have learned to your me, the christian victims are indoctrinating their children!

Brett Keane said...

As a father it is not my obligation to step up and read the religious texts of the world to my children. That is like telling me I must teach my kids about Santa. I will make sure my children get an education. Do not presume how someone must raise their kids.

Anonymous said...


This video of yours sort of hit home with me. I'm engaged to a Christian. When we met, we were both xians and now I'm an X-Xian.

My fiance has been so supportive of me. He's NOT a fundie and he doesn't proselytize at all. He sticks with his view of religious tolerance. We've decided that if we have kids, we're going to teach them both sides of the religious coin and let them choose for themselves. I am a closet agnostic for the most part, but I am planning to come out to my family soon. I know they would never threaten to disown me, which I wish were the case for you. I hate that some people can become so "religious" that they completely lose sight of some of life's greatest treasures, like family.

I fear, though, that my fiance's Southern Baptist family will react much like your family. I'm almost positive they've never even heard the word "agnostic." We live in TN in the Bible Belt and his parents disagree with interracial marriage (which, to them, means black/white), homosexuality, and a plethora of other liberal issues. They have said that they wouldn't eat in the same room with a homosexual, which got me into somewhat of an argument with my future mother-in-law...

Anyways, I think you have handled all the issues with your kids very well. I know it will be painful for me and my fiance if his parents don't accept me if/when I come out of the agnostic closet to them..But hearing you speak on the issue makes me think that I'll be able to handle it and be strong like you.

Thanks for the video!

Anonymous said...

Brett: I feel you man! This sucks! I’m not disappointed in you, but that probably doesn’t help you much! It took real guts to say this in front of everyone. You gave it a go with church for your son and they abused him emotionally. At least you tried. When have any of these folks tried to listen to YOU? And the business about being rejected by your family, I will never understand, although I know it happens. I think this might be the #1 reason that more people don’t leave the church, that is, fear of rejection and maybe also not having a “qualified religious leader” to say something nice about you when you die! Hang in there, Brett!

Anonymous said...

I hear what you are saying man. This might get editted, but fuck 'em all! I am going through the same thing with my family and I don't give a damn, I am going to live honestly and if they can't handle it then screw them! Yes, I sound pissed, that's because I am pissed, I am seriously tired of all this religious bullshit- hellfire and damnation. My family knows where I stand and I refuse to let them bully me or my kids, and that's the way it has to be. Period. Fight the system!

jimearl said...

Brett, thanks for your thoughts ans words. I am married to a slightly religious woman who still attends the Southern Baptist Church. I say slightly religious because she is trying to hold on to her beliefs in spite of me. I do believe she has many doubts and those doubts will be her downfall. Really, downfall is a bad choice of words. Let me say her deconversion. We have two sons and both of them are like their father. Non-religious and proud of it. Thanks for sharing the things you have shared lately. I have enjoyed all of them though I may not have commented on them. Keep up the good work. You can find out more about me at Check if out is you have the time. Meanwhile, I will continue to enjoy your videos. Thanks,

YME said...

Brett, great video. Being an Atheist parent is very hard but for more then just the few reasons you've listed in your video. My children are 5 and 3 but even now I've had problems with religious idiots.

When they were in uturo, my biggest problem was family. We too were disowned by a few extreme religous family members. I had a few of them tell me they felt sorry for my unborn child and that they wished he wouldn't be born. Just in case anyone who reads this is wondering, you don't stay things like that to a pregnant woman.

After he was born we had battles over religious children's books and baptising him. They didn't care about circumcision but then again, we chose to do it. Soon after it was arguments about religious holidays. My in-laws constantly said "You're young, you don't know what you're talking about and you'll grow out of it, soon." Its a total lack of respect.

No one has bothered us about sending him to church, yet. However, after the fights about everything else, I'm pretty sure they don't want to go up against Reverend Atheistar and AtheistMommy as a duel. In fact my in-laws made it a rule in their house that we don't discuss religious issues in their house.

Now, they celebrate xmas with their daughter and not with us. Not because we don't celebrate it but because we don't pray. They'd do the same for Thanksgiving but they can't afford it. The not praying part really pisses them off.

I do think that as a parent it is our job to inform our children of what others might do to harm them. We have chose to teach our children about all religions though mythology books. We don't allow them to go to church but if they choose to later when they are older, we're not going to hold them back. I'm hoping by this time they will have enough sense to see though all the promises and empty threats.

My son knows about Santa, the easter bunny, and the tooth fairy. He doesn't believe in any of them. Not because we told him not to but because he understands the difference between reality and make believe magic.

Living in the bible belt has gotten us in some trouble. I've almost been run off the road twice with both my babies in the car. There seems to be this big disregard for the lives of children when faced with threat to personal belief. Sacred life my ass! Notes have been left on my car. My car has been targeted at least once a year since we've been here (about five years). Keep in mind, I drive a mini-van. Does that not scream, CHILDREN?!

I'll never understand why belief trumps life. Why people don't practice what they preach. If you are suppose to walk in the shadow of an all loving god and his son, why on earth do you want to kill anyone who's not with you? Or maybe it's just the halmark of an unrational mind.

I devoted a blog to this. Maybe one day you could read it. My blog is about me, my personal life and what it's like being an AtheistMommy. It's pretty popular as a result. It's a great outlet for all the stress and anger life brings my way.

Anyway, thank you for sharing. It's always nice to know, you're not the only one.

YME said...
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