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1/06/2007                                                                                       View Comments

Syncretism - By ridi0t

This video is created by my friend Ridiot. He takes us on a journey teaching us about the family tree of Gods & how we have the religions we have today.


Anonymous said...

Awesome video!!!

Anonymous said...

Well done, loved the music, in spite of being an Old Fartwad!..

John Fensworth said...

Pretty sweet! I'll definitely have to look up that stuff about all those gods. BTW I'd like to know what the name of that song is, and who it's by.

Sarabhi said...

I've been looking into the Osiris-Dionysis Jesus Myth theory and it has definately caught my eye. I really liked this video; well put together.

Btw, to John, the song is Golden Years by David Bowie. I love it too. I first heard it in the movie A Knight's Tale. ^_^


jim earl said...

Well done, short and sweet. Gotta say loved the music too.