Traditional American Idiot -- by Brett Keane


Anonymous said...

Amen, Brother Keane!


Grandpa Harley

Anonymous said...

BTW, the Traditional American is more or less outlining the OLD TESTAMENT (the moron)

Anonymous said...

Well there's going to be a certain per/capita amount of mentally insane, deformed, Downs Syndrome people that continue to be born on a daily basis, this guy just happens to be one of those mentally insane people that contacted you, it's going to happen. I wouldn't take what this guy says too seriously.

I wish some of these nuts would go over to Iraq and parachute down into Bagdad and see what fun and how easy it would be to be a martyr for their beliefs.

I like the instant mustache and

Anonymous said...

You nailed this one, Brett! And as much as I personally hate to call someone an idiot, the label fits, doesn't it! Bravo, man!

Epicurienne said...

If "Traditional American" hates science so much, then why is he using a computer?

And I'd bet money that he uses a car...and modern medical treatments...air conditioning, central heating, electric light....all of which were made possible by SCIENCE.

Anonymous said...

Another instance of the dancing-around-the-question-of-morality. BOTH of these guys are right:

1) There is no scientific way to determine moral values. Science can only examine what people say are moral values and what comes of that in objective terms.

2) Moral values are socially constructed. But this doesn't mean they're *arbitrary* either.


for further analysis

Now then, I have a question for each of these fellows. To the believer I ask: If the only reason to be good is to please your deity so you can get into heaven and avoid hell, doesn't that mean that being good is only a means to an end, and that the *greater good* is really getting into heaven and escaping hell? So if your God told you to rob, rape, and kill, you would do that, just as his followers in the OT did?

And to Brett I ask: Why should someone *not* do whatever they want, even if it violated the general standards of morals held by a community or even by that someone, if they were sure not to get caught?

blaine said...

Brett is right on. Although I believe in God and cannot deny what happened in my heart 1971 when I trusted Jesus; I also recognize that the God of the OT was a butcher who promoted murder, kidnapping, ethnic cleansing, killing of children and babies. I pastored 3 Baptist churches, taught in seminary and Bible college and am degreed in Bible Languages.
I saw Christian preachers and believers use the Bible to justify segregation and the horrid treatment of Blacks during the Civil Rights era. These churches rejected my Mafia, Syndicate, Street and Gang kids in that they were never truly welcomed openly and warmly.
Christians have told me I should have let those gay youth I prevented from committing suicide to kill themselves because they would have a better chance of reaching heaven since they would not grow up to contaminate society.
I have seen a Christian pastor holler out how some day all those gay activists and unrepentant gays will burn forever in hellfire. Upon hearing this, his church of over 15,000 rose to their feet, applauded and cheered.
I believe in God because of the beauty of Creation and I also believe that the Bible has corrupted the heart of God. I have a book printed in 1658 that shows by engravings the cruel ways in which Christians killed others.
Since I work with suicidal gay Christian youth I could share many stories of the hatred these kids face from all they thought loved them.
All the people/events mentioned above are from my personal experiences. My gang kids were Crips, Bloods, Gangster Disciples, Latin Kings and Vice Lords. Christians always had a holy excuse on why they should not visit these hoods at night or their families [this was when most of the gangs were out].
One other event I forgot to mention was how Christian missionaries knowingly gave small pox infected blankets to Native Americans so the evil of their Native Religion could be eradicated.
blaine USAF Retired and former Baptist pastor and Assembly of God teacher.

Anonymous said...

WoW, Blaine! John Fraysse here. I apparently share many of your thoughts on the Bible. Give me a shout when you have time, bro. I’m at Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love it how the thoughts of one man applies to all christianity, just because this one man believes in this crazy nonsense does not mean that the rest of christians do....bein g an authot, im sure you've heard of a hasty generalization havent you brett?

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