The God Awful Truth

"The God Awful Truth" is a series of twenty-five thought-provoking films examining the true origins of Christian theology, Christian history, Jesus Christ, Paul of Tarsus, the Twelve Apostles, the Bible, the New Testament, the Old Testament, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Torah, origins of Judaism, the Orthodox Church, the Catholic Church, history of the Popes, the Protestant Church, the Crusades, the Inquisition, Christian Missionaries, Televangelists, and more.

This film unravels the mysteries, reveals the deceptions, the horrors, and the atrocities performed against humanity in the name of religion for the past two-thousand years.

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Anonymous said...

To the Christians that visit this site. I have two questions One, Can any one of you tell me where the Geographical location of the Garden of Eden is located? My second question; are the two angels still guarding it?

Yukkione said...

Great post. Alot of the same information that is in The God That Wasnt There. The surplus of Hero myths like that of Jesus is quite compelling to me.

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