Jesus Camp -- the movie

A review by SailerFraud

For the past 10 years, I accumulated so many DVDs I hardly have any time to watch them. It's been over a year since I bought a DVD movie, and with such a backlog of DVDs, I thought I wouldn't buy another one in a long time. The movie "Jesus Camp" came out in 2006 and was shown as an independent film at selected theaters and times, and this January it came out on DVD. After covering footage from Jesus Camp, I decided to buy the Jesus Camp DVD. So how does it rate?

I can't really give a numerical rating, grade, or thumbs up for this kind of movie. It is a reality documentary film that gives the straight details on what happens in these evangelical Christian churches, particularly in the mid-western red states. Jesus Camp provides chilling accounts of brainwashing cult tactics and religious fanaticism on the most moldable population, the young children. For those of you who think these fanatics are safely isolated from your community, Jesus Camp provides a double dose of harsh reality. First, young children are being brainwashed into religious fanaticism. Second, the adult Christian cult leaders have a strong influence ruling over the United States of America. They have direct contact and influence with President George W. Bush, which trickles down to the cabinet, Congress, and the Supreme Court, all the way to your state and local community.

Ted Haggard was featured in the movie. A few months later, he dishonorably resigned for sexual liaisons with a male prostitute and drug abuse.

I would recommend Jesus Camp, which you can rent or buy on DVD. I can imagine Jesus Camp II coming out. In the imaginary sequel I concocted, a few years pass by and the young girls go through their teenage puberty stage. They develop womanly physical characteristics, and their middle aged pastors and counselors develop attractions and start secret sexual liaisons with them. The irony in the end is that the stringent sexual morality laws these religious right fanatics helped pass will be their own downfall, as the adulterating adults are arrested and face decades in prison under the severe anti-pedophilia laws.

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