Mr. Deity

These four short films were produced, written, and starred by Brian Dalton. Brian is a creative genius who has many talents and interests, and in his latest project he explores the lighter side of religion through these humorous short films. Launched January 17, within a few days there were over 200,000 downloads of them from YouTube, iTunes, and at his own webpage, Everyone who watches them — whether religious, nonreligious, or antireligious — enjoys the wit and humor.

He has written a pilot for a television series based on his character, Mr. Deity. Enjoy!

Mr. Deity Episode 1: Mr. Deity and the Evil
After creating the universe, Mr. Deity and Larry decide what evil they'll allow.

Mr. Deity Episode 2: Mr. Deity and the Really Big Favor

Mr. Deity seeks help to save mankind while Larry oversees construction efforts.

Mr. Deity Episode 3: Mr. Deity and The Light
Mr. Deity and Larry have trouble with the lighting on their new world.

Mr. Deity Episode 4: Mr. Deity and the Messages

Mr. Deity explains prayer to Jesus while Larry gathers info on the evening's activities.

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