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1/22/2007                                                                                       View Comments

Evolution -- by RabidApe

The script for this video is largely based on a comment from 'Leonard' on the article "Don't believe in evolution?"


Anonymous said...

good post, keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

VERY good post. I have some quibbles about "retro-genes" being the ones incorporated into the genome, and you skip over other, non-viral, mutations which define evolutionary lineages, but, for the most part, you have rather succinctly abridged what Richard Dawkins has taken several books to explain.

Keep up the good work.


Leonard said...

RabidApe added some really important stuff there. And the illustrations served very well to support the whole thing, sometimes in an ironic matter. :)

infidel666 said...

Wow, a very impressive video and a good job. Loved the ending lol

SpaceMonk said...

Thanks RabidApe and Leonard, that was very helpful.
I especially appreciated the points on micro/macro-evolution
...and the special guest appearance by FSM.

Micah Cowan said...

Agreed: the combination of the Michaelangelo FSM and the Holy Grail God is exquisite.… although I've a nagging feeling I've seen that combination somewhere before.

My personal favorite is the points about viral code common to humans and chimps.

Anonymous said...

Rabidape is a fucking idiot. Only a world class loser could call this hypocrite a intellectual. What a fraud!