Killers for Christ -- by Brett Keane

A series of six videos featuring a few men & women who have killed in the name of God.


Anonymous said...

You left out some pertinent details about these true Christians.

John Wanyne Gacy:
"One of his favorite routines was to persuade them to participate in his "handcuff trick" in order to incapacitate them. He would then chloroform them and sodomize them. This was followed by his "rope trick" in which he would insert a rope around the victim’s neck, insert a stick in the loop, and twist it slowly like a tourniquet until the victim strangled to death. Gacy liked to read passages from the Bible while doing this."

Jeffrey Dahlmer:
His father, Lionel Dahmer, is an analytical Chemist, who consults on the evolution versus creationism topic. Guess what side he argues for? Easy guess, huh? Jeffrey's troubled, confused upbringing in that true Christian home was probably a factor that led him along to a disturbed adult life.

For those of you not familiar with the answering genesis website, it's a creationist web site. And yes, they list Lionel Dahmer as one of their consultants.


Anonymous said...

Koresh,like every good Christian believed he was reincarnated,..humm.
Can't leave the government out of this one. According to fool-lowers and local police, David and his leadership fellows were not once, but twice in downtown Waco days before the attack on the compound.
He was in Waco buying musical instruments at a music store,...and later at a local Bennegins drinking heavily the next day. They could have scoped him and his cronies up and avoided the whole bloody massacare.

Jago1877 said...


You have stopped me from posting comments on your you tube forumn... I am sorry for my remark on English/American or whatever other problems you may have had with my comments.

You see I do not understand the big fight idea that consumes America purely because in the UK religion plays a very small minority.

After seeing a picture of the westboro baptist church standing with a sign I see why you do what you do. Good luck with your future endevours

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