Paul Kurtz - What Is Secular Humanism?

In this 56-minute-long video, Paul Kurtz, founder of The Center For Inquiry, answers the question "What is Secular Humanism?" Explaining this robust system of ethics for those who are seeking alternatives to religion, Paul Kurtz shows how many people in the world agree with Secular Humanist values and ethics, but do not realize it.


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eel_shepherd said...

Good one.

Way off topic here, for a second, I must admit that I was distracted by the guy's resemblance to a couple of well-known (in Canada, and some border states like Maine, Vermont, Michigan, & upstate New York, probably) Quebeckers. He looked like the 60:40 point in a morph between Jean Chretien and Rene Levesque. Gave me quite a fright at first, tabernac' .

All during the last third of his talk, I was reminded of a term coined by Richard Buckminster-Fuller --- "the bare maximum", which I think I first read in his book "World Games". The bare maximum, if I recall correctly, is the greatest amount of goods and services that a person could have, provided that any- and everyone else who wanted them could also have. Fuller cogniscenti, correct me if I've mischaracterised the man by this recollection of my distant teens...

That potted plant put me off a bit too. Nothing shallow about me...

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