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4/11/2007                                                                                       View Comments

It is NOT OK!

A Catholic family discusses atheism.


Anonymous said...

Oh my non-god. I so feel for this young man! I wish we could have laws protecting a teen's right to choose what they believe. What's ironic for her is that she is absolutely assuring that he will remain an atheist. Rather than being so belligerent, why doesn't she just pray for him? I'm sure if asked she would say that prayer would change him.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that could have been a "discussion" with my Mom back when I was a teenager.

Thanks for posting this video. It just reminds me why I still don't bother to come out of the closet as an atheist to my family even in my late twenties.

The threat about the Christmas gifts was classic.

Anonymous said...

I'm gettin' nothin' for x-mas.
Mommy and daddy are mad.
I'm gettin' nothin' for x-mas,
'cause I ain't been nothin' but...
a person with thoughts of my own!

That's what you get for giving underwear as a gift to your son at x-mas!!

Anonymous said...

No one should be shocked by the video. This is a typical reaction in any home that has a vested interest in the status quo. Continuing the status quo has many valid reasons. Without belonging to a church one loses the sense of belonging, they may also be afraid of acknowledging their errors and fully realizing that there is no reward and they realize that acknowledging they are atheists puts then in the same category as the lowest of the low. It is true that ignorance can be truly bliss.

Anonymous said...

Typical Theist CUNT. IMPO

Anonymous said...

He can have a Festivus with the rest of us at least.

skeptic griggsy said...

So, she is a potty mouth!And stupid.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of so many arguements I had with my Dad. Growing up Jahovas Witness everything was all uniform, straight and plain.

The things that religion tried to teach me were so rediculous. Their mannerisms were even that of a cult. My curiosity always bothered my Dad, and sometime later our conversations resulted in violence. I'm glad that whoever did this was brave enough to share it.

Anonymous said...

I thought the father is supposed to be the boss in a Christian family. Oh wait, they're Catholic; not Christian.

Reminds me of Dee Dee Warren.

Anonymous said...

Without belonging to a church one loses the sense of belonging,
I don't think he feels much of a sense of belonging to the Catholic church.

Brett Robson

evan said...

This looks fake, but I don't doubt there are some Christian parents who act this way. I especially liked the no christmas presents line.

However, as one who works with teens, I have seen atheist parents react the same way when their child wishes to choose christianity as a different worldview.

MothandRust said...

fake? Heck if it is fake, she deserves a bloody Oscar.

I remember shouting at my kids because they didn't want me to read their bible stories anymore.

mike said...

I just love how all these christians drip and ooze the love of christ!

eris.discordia said...


I'm SICKENED by this!

I have 4 lovely beautiful non-believing children and I can't imagine treating them like that!

She is creating her own hell!

She will regret that tirade when her kids leave home and stay gone! She will be one of those lonely, grouchy, old bitches in the nursing home that nobody comes to visit!

jfraysse said...

I suppose this video is all staged and hyped. But if not, this kid is really going to be in BIG trouble when his Mom finds out that her tirade is on YouTube! What this kid needs is a few really good penetrating questions about the Biblical God to ask his Mom, although I’m not sure she is the “thoughtful” type.