Tenets of your unbelief

By John Fraysse

It really bothers me when I run into Christians, Jews or Muslims who don’t have a clue why they believe what they do. I feel the same way about Atheists, Ex-Christians, Ex-Jews or Ex-Muslims. In my opinion, whether a believer or not, we all should be able to “give a succinct account” of why we think or believe as we do. Crafting a brief “Tenets of Your Belief /UnBelief” might be a useful exercise, especially if it can be stated in a minute or two. Now, I know a statement like, “All Religion is BS”, is very brief and has good summary impact but it’s a bit shallow, even if true, and there must be a few good reasons to support this point of view, so why not delineate them.

The following is a notional ex-Christian statement of unbelief. I encourage you to try your hand at it. Believers are welcome to comment, too.


The Nature of the Biblical god appears very "Man-Like", that is, capable of both Good and Evil but worse yet, “He” does not demonstrate the qualities of an Immutable, All-Powerful, All-Good, Loving Heavenly Father and Creator-God.

God’s actions demonstrate that he is blood-thirsty, bigoted, jealous, capricious and unjust and from time to time god "plays" or “tempts” his best subjects (ex: Adam, Eve, Cain, Abraham, Job, Jesus, Peter, Paul). The Biblical god appears very insecure as he DEMANDS appeasement, sacrifice, worship and praise. “Original Sin” and curses are passed on by this god to all generations of humans and god commands and supports Slavery and the Subjugation of Women. The Biblical god also commands and/or allows child abuse, rape, incest and genocide. He takes credit for human birth defects but hates homosexuals although he created them. In fact, anything that god does, commands or allows, is "defined" as good regardless of whether or not it violates god's own precepts.

Due to human “SIN”, we mortals are declared to be the enemies of god and equated to “filthy rags”, so god can righteously cause and/or allow untold human suffering while commanding us to LOVE OUR ENEMIES! Even the slightest, momentary, infraction or improper thought will condemn us to an ETERNAL HELL of continuous and unbearable torment.

Finally, as in the past millennia, the Christian Church remains openly hostile toward scientific discoveries that are not consistent with its “Grand Traditions” and the “Interpreted Truths” allegedly found in the Bible.

Therefore, the simplest explanation for the behavior of the Biblical god is that “He” is the creation of the ancient, ignorant, bigoted, power-hungry and unjust men who wrote the Bible. Trying to understand such a “god” is a waste of time and is a potentially disastrous example to evil men who would use this god’s morality to enslave and oppress the gullible, ignorant and defenseless. Paying homage to such a god would also be an abomination to the “True Creator-God”, if he/she/it exists.


Ok, the above is a straw man ex-Christian statement of unbelief. Have a go at it, but please try to keep it short and to the point. Cheers!

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