Craig Christ....OMG...LMAO!!!!

Posted by Pshychicevolution

Craig Christ....OMG...LMAO!!!!
At first I thought this was a church/worship video...I couldn't have been more wrong! ;) I think I might start my own ex-christian church, worshiping Craig the Messiah! 8)

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Anonymous said...

BLASPHEMER!! Don't worship Craig -- the most HOLY Flying Spaghetti Monster will whip you with his noodly appendage to punish you for your idolatry!! Repent now before you miss out on Pastafarian heaven -- beer factory and stripper volcano!!!

John B said...

Damn you're right! I repent of my heinous ways! The holy flying spaghetti monster is the ONLY one for me. \o/\o/\o/

mothpete said...
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mothpete said...

I dunno... I'm trying to decide between Russel's teapot or the Invisible Pink Unicorn.

The unicorn makes more sense to me at the moment, but It's such a big decision.

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