Evolution for ID-iots

Or, ID as explained by ID-iot Kent Hovind:

Or, Carl Sagan's view:

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Nvrgoingbk said...

Kent Hovind is a moron! Does he realize how ridiculously impossible his take on evolution is? He really expects us to believe that a few different "kinds" of animals made it on to the ark and since then, all of the other species of life we see evolved from those original survivors? Is he fucking serious? Well, I guess it's the only way he can rectify the existence of so many thousands of different species found on Earth. Christians know that the ark could not have supported so many different animals, so they pick the Bible apart and focus on the word "kind" to justify believing the whole stupid story of a worldwide flood and the rest of that ludicrous story.

The last video by Carl Sagan was eloquently done. How small we are in this vastly unexplored universe! If the Christians had it their way, all exploration would stop. The more science progresses, the less credibility can be lent to religious musings. They hate us for that. Science and religion CANNOT live together harmoniously, because one requires intense research, testing, and rationality, while the other requires ust o voluntarily swallow a tranquilizer and deny the obvious, all the while encouraging the virtue of "faith".

mothpete said...

You know when someone starts to use dragon slaying to make their stories work, it's time to back away slowly and carefully from them.

Telmi said...

There is a huge problem with people like Kent Hovind - they can't tell the difference between a fact and a fiction. And one other thing - they have a tendency to perpetuate lies. And, of course, ignore facts.

Bill B said...

Hey Nvrgoingbk,
I must refute one thing you said, "Kent Hovind is a moron." No T.R. Kent Hovind is actually quite brilliant and a very skilled debator. He's a lying sack of shit, not a moron. I have heard him in many debates and he is the best in the business at peddling the bullshit of creation science. Now the shit that he preaches is moronic for sure, but that dude is good at what he does and I could see how he could convince masses of children and really dumb adults of his agenda and that is scary. But I guess anyone who says dinasaurs walked with humans is rather moronic now that you mention it. I guess when one lies so much he forgets what is really the truth. He's the George Castanza of science.


Tim said...

Sagan is just brilliant in the way he gives scale to the issue of the size of the universe and the time it's taken for us to get where we are. Makes me feel pretty insignificant (rightly so, I think) but just think, one person can have significance - just look at Sagan.


mike said...

Kent Hovind is in jail for tax evasion. I guess christians only really like to live part of the bible.

It is interesting how these "keepers of the so called truth" lie and cheat so much these days.

imaginary sky daddy said...

My "god", atheists make up roughly 10% of the US population. It seems that existentialists only make up one half of one percent, if that much. If there are any others that visit this site, please step forward. Thanks

ex·is·ten·tial·ism (ĕg'zĭ-stĕn'shə-lĭz'əm, ĕk'sĭ-)
A philosophy that emphasizes the uniqueness and isolation of the individual experience in a hostile or indifferent universe, regards human existence as unexplainable, and stresses freedom of choice and responsibility for the consequences of one's acts.

imaginary sky daddy said...

I want to recommend a great and very informative documentary that was just released last year. The title is "America: Freedom to Fascism". It focuses on the issue of income tax. Here's the lowdown on it.

Acclaimed filmmaker Aaron Russo directs this thorough investigation into the creation of the Federal Reserve and the controversial legislation (or lack thereof) that requires all American citizens to pay income taxes. Through revelatory interviews with key members of Congress, a former IRS Commissioner, tax attorneys, agents from the IRS and FBI, and various authors, Russo demystifies federal income tax and the creation of money.

The only video rental supplier that I know of that carries it is Netflix.

DUG853 said...

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